Build-A-Bear experience

build a bear It was back on the 4th May that the girls and I were invited to our local Build-A-Bear workshop and this month has literally flown by so only now have I had the opportunity to write it up.

First of all It’s a FANTASTIC opportunity, the twins were absolutely delighted with the whole experience and as a parent standing back watching them I couldn’t help but feel Build-A-Bear have totally nailed this product bang on the head.

We went along to our local store at Bluewater at about 2.30pm and, the lunch time rush over, we had the store more or less to ourselves. Mamusu, our Build-A Bear-er for the day was as excited as the girls, you know when you can tell someone really loves their job? She saw they were quite shy to begin with and within minutes she’d won them over and by the end she had them laughing, giggling and eating out of her hand – thank you Mamusa ;)

How does it work? first you get to choose your bear and there are around 20 to choose from. (I didn’t count them so don’t quote me on that one!)

Build a bear experience

The next step is to choose a sound to put inside the bear, 16 different sounds including giggles, roars and ‘I love you’. The bit that really makes my hear squeeze is when Mamusu threw a handful of hearts into the air asking the girls to choose one, kiss it and place it in their bear (isn’t that so sweet?)

build a bear

The Stuffing Machine needed a little filling which the girls loved assisting in and then they could choose how stuffed they wanted their bears – we went for normal so it was squidgy enough for a good cuddle.

build a bear - stuff him

A Fluff area is your next port of call, two dryers and a comb to help Bear fluff up to perfection.

build a bear fluff him

Then comes the tricky bit – choose an outifit, there are simply hundreds to choose from but luckily for me the girls wanted Pink in fct they both chose the same frilly pink top and pink leggings with diamante up the side ;)

The beauty of Build a Bear is extra outfits can be bought for birthday and Christmas presents, or a voucher can be given to school friends at birthday parties. You can even organise your child’s birthday party here and each child gets to make a bear (prices are arranged beforehand with the very helpful staff)

build a bear dressing up time

Dressing up time and Mamusu stepped in to help with the tricky bits

build a bear dress him

Choose your accessories from rows and rows of sunglasses, hats, bags and shoes – here are mine! I no want my very own Stetson and cowboy boots too *sigh*

build a bear accessorise

All around the shop are dotted various models on display to help you make your mind up and get an idea of how the finished product looks. Can you just take a look at these fine bears here?

build a bear - here are some fine examples

a final fluff, a memory photo for the album and then it’s of to name your bear. Computers are laid out at child level and a bar code is placed inside the bear before the whole process starts so should your child lose their bear he can be scanned in a shop should somebody find him/her and sent back to their rightful owner, a lovely touch.

The bears are packaged in boxes along with lots of other goodies, print outs to colour in, bags to use and so much more.

build a bear

Disclosure: We were invited by Build a Bear to make a bear each for Alice and Bessie including the clothes and accesories. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves it was a brilliant experience and one I would thoroughly recommend to any parent as the perfect present for boys or girls.


  1. Lisawatts
    June 4, 2012 / 7:40 AM

    Love this post. I love build a bear and I am 29. Looks like you all had an amazing time. X

  2. MsXpat
    June 6, 2012 / 11:55 AM

    Wow what a treat! And cute lil bears too. You can never have enough cuddlies I think :0)

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