What does a Jenny Craig consultant know?

Jenny Craig dietThe consultant role of the Jenny Craig program is a very important one, it’s the person you speak to on a weekly basis. For me that  means ‘Uh-oh she’s calling in half an hour and I haven’t reached my goal.’ or ‘Shall I tell her I couldn’t stop the choc binge/3 glasses of wine last night?’ *sigh* It’s my life, it’s my diet and I will get there I’m just taking the scenic route some days :)

I wanted to know a little bit more about the people on the end of my phone so I put my consultant Angela to the test…

What nutrition knowledge do you need to become a Jenny Craig consultant?
The team of consultants have a variety of backgrounds, an interest in diet, fitness and nutrition is always a plus with many personal trainers and people who have lost weight themselves.  We all have a comprehensive training prior to starting the role as well as regular monthly training to keep us up to date.

How long have you been a Jenny Craig consultant?
For nearly 2 years now.

What does your average day consist of?
We are very busy at the moment so it is a day of speaking to clients every 15minutes.  We speak to about 27 people per day!

What has been the Jenny Craig UK’s biggest success story to date? ie lbs lost
I have had a lady who lost 5 1/2 stone (80lbs) and a guy who lost over 7 stone (100lbs)

What would you say is your singular best tip you give to women struggling to lose weight?
Drink water!! It is a natural detox.

How can mummys avoid the ‘Rubbish bin’ fail in their diets? ie polishing off their children’s leftovers rather than throwing them away.
This tends to happen as we are brought up to not waste food! It is not always the case that mums are hungry when they eat the kids leftovers but usually this is a tough time because they are getting a bit hungry – grab a cup of tea and a Jenny Craig snack and then you wont be tempted to eat any more or have some crunch carrot sticks and celery sticks to hand and get crunching so that the temptation/hunger is taken away!

Jenny CraigHow can women control their chocolate cravings?
Many women are different with their chocolate cravings, on the Jenny Craig program there are the wafer and the digestive chocolate biscuit as part of our snacks as well as the dark and white chocolate cereal bars, these can help…
* 40cal hot chocolate (in a wonderful variety of flavours)
* trick your body with sweet items that are sugar free, diet cola, low sugar squash and boiled sweets
* include a choclate splurge as something to look forward to in a week – this could be a 250kcal chocolate bar, biscuit, cake.

Once the diet is over how can women stay on the straight and narrow?
Jenny Craig is designed as a program for sensible weight loss, averaging 1-2lbs per week.  This allows people to learn new habits and build a better lifestyle habit using an easy to follow menu.  We introduce own choices of food slowly at the same calorie level along the journey, supporting the client all the way with meals out, birthdays, wedding.
Once people have lost the weight Jenny Craig doesnt stop there we offer a maintanence program that puts the calorie level up and makes sure that they are fine with their own choice of food and keeping their weigh constant.
The consultant and customer service are available to help in the following months when they have got to goal to assist with a quick question or another maintainence package to help to get the portion size right.


  1. May 14, 2012 / 9:10 AM

    I was always a little bit scared of my Jenny Criag consultant. I did JC in Australia and had to go to a weigh in every week. It is definitely a good feature of the program though.

    • Mari
      May 15, 2012 / 3:17 PM

      It’s all online here so no weigh in or public weigh in I should say. I was very pleased with the results and would recommend it to dieters. Thanks for coming by

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