Listography – Top 5 wishes for my children

It’s list time and Kate from Kate Takes Five has chosen a list close to any mother’s heart, your top 5 wishes for your children and here are mine

  1. Happiness – I’d like to wish my children a lifetime of happiness. I realise in order to appreciate happiness sometimes you have to experience pain and sorrow, it’s the other side of the coin. My children too like the rest of us will have to learn to find happiness and accept themselves for who they are.
  2. LOVE – after all it’s what makes the world go round right? I hope my children don’t have to go through a painful divorce like I did, to see their dreams of true love crash around them. I’d like them to have the patience to wait for the right person and the ability to see when it’s not the right person for them and walk away. I realise that karma plays a huge hand in our relationships so I pray that they get off a bit lighter than me in the love stakes
  3. Optimism – I am blessed with this trait and it has helped me on so many occasions. when the whole world seems topsyturvy I always try and find a positive to focus on and I think by doing this I make my life a better place so I wish my children optimism to always see a way forward or out of a problem.
  4. To always have each other – It can be a very lonely life all on your own. We are social animals and therefore like to surround ourselves with people and interact with them. Not everyone you meet is who they seem, not everyone you meet will be a long term friend. I have found people change, people move on and others hang around. I am grateful that although I don’t see my brothers very often I know they’re there should I ever need them and that is irreplaceable. Sometimes Thomas and Megan have massive disagreements and I get them both on the phone (separately) telling me their view on the matter but I am grateful that I know the bond is there and once the argument has passed they’ll be back on track. I wish this bond for the twins too.
  5. Good Luck – We all need a good handful of luck thrown into our pot so I wish all of my children luck in everything they put their hand to. I feel as if I’ve been an overall lucky person in life so far. I don’t have a six zero bank balance but I do have people in my life that enrich my life every day. I have a roof over my head, I have four beautiful children and a man who loves me. I’ve also just started working again part time which allows me to have a little independence too.

Life is sweet and I wish my children al the very best for their lives too



  1. April 26, 2012 / 8:14 AM

    Oh I wish I’d gone for number 4 for my sons. I love how close they are now – but often pray they’ll remain so for the rest of their lives.

  2. Katetakes5
    April 26, 2012 / 6:34 PM

    How lovely. I do hope they all come true – if only it were that easy..!

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