Abigail the new Story Buddy from Hallmark

Abigail Story Buddy HallmarkAbigail is the latest Story Buddy from the Hallmark range and she is the softest, fluffiest and cutest rabbit ever. Very girly and very adorable

She arrived last week and has been read every day since. She gets swopped from one twin to the other on a daily basis as she teaches them to share as well as listen to her story and they adore her as much as they love Watson the Racoon and Jingle the Christmas Story Buddy.

The concept is very simple, Abigail responds to certain sentences that can be easily picked out in the book as they are written in a different colour. When a clear adult voice reads these phrases, Abigail will pipe in with her contribution to the story bringing delighted smiles to the little listeners as they are tickled pink by the idea of a talking softie who adds to the story. Abigail responds to clear voices and may not pick up the quieter, softer tones of young children.

Abigail helps tell three stories and we were sent Abigail and The Balance Beam which is really quite fitting as the girls have just completed their first term of gymnastics at our local club and adore it. (and they each have their first medal #proudmum)

Abigail story buddy hallmarkHer story is an important one of wanting to do things that big people do, in this case walk a beam, and although she finds it very difficult she doesn’t give up and is very pleased to win a prize for her effort and achievement.

This is something I’m very willing to teach the girls as life is hard, it doesn’t always come easy but we have to at least try and give it our best shot! I’d like them to feel that they can have a go at anything and as long as they’ve done their best then they have been successful. I’d like them to see that the trying is part of the fun.

Abigail and the Balance Beam can be bought for £19.99 at Hallmark and makes a perfect educational alternative to chocolate at Easter!

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