What was Top of the Pops the day your kids were born?

Another fun meme to take part in and I have been tagged by the lovely Mama Syder who you must nip over and look at if you like vintage, creativity, caravans and style, she has the lot.

Music is an enormous part of everyone’s life don’t you think? Paul is forever choosing his wedding song but we’re no closer to getting married because of it! (Bon Jovi in case you’re wondering – I’m leaving it up to him)

Can a song spark a memory for you? A happy one, a sad one, a funny one? It does me and with this meme we’re celebrating the birth of our children by checking what song was number one the day they were born and what better day to post this than March 26th the birthday of my first born? I looked on This Day In Music

Thomas came into the world at 03.03 and his song is Don’t Turn Around by ASWAD in the UK chart. I think he’ll be happy with his sort

Happy Birthday Tommy!

Megan was born 24th September 1990 and her song was Show Me Heaven by Maria McKee in the UK chart. I know Megan would have preferred something else! But it is a beautiful song and Maria McKee has such a powerful voice

Alice and Bessie came into the world on 17th July 2008 and their song is Dance Wiv Me by Dizzee Rascal and Paul is going to hate it but I bet the girls would love it

And now to tag some lovely ladies who may like to play too

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  1. March 26, 2012 / 7:47 PM

    Thanks for joining in Mari. Love all three of your babies birth number ones, especially Aswad…wow, that really takes me back to when I met my Hubby, brilliant tune x

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