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Our skin is a dynamic organ: the interface between our outside world and our inside world…and our core skin type is affected every day by external influences.

So we have designed Nourish, a natural, anti-ageing skin care range that is perfect for core skin care needs (Nature) but also helps you optimise your skin around the life you lead (Nurture)

We know that our skin changes and elasticity declines over time. Skin is our first protection barrier. As we age it begins to fail and lose efficiency. Our modern lifestyle produces chemicals at a rate faster than our skin can accept. Skin damage is caused by inflammation from everyday exposure to environmental and physiological stresses. These cause the production of damaging free radicals.

The way our skin looks and ages is most influenced by two factors: skin type and lifestyle

Choose your Nourish daily routine based on your skin type (Nature) and then supplement it using additional products from the other ranges to fit your personal lifestyle influences (Nurture)

Dry skin – Nourish Protect

Sensitive skin – Nourish Relax

Combination skin – Nourish Balance

Mature skin – Nourish Radiance

Nourish is brought to you by Natural Products Factory Ltd. The team is lead by Dr. Pauline Hili, David Watts and Lucia Guarello.

Dr Pauline Hili

Having been Technical Director at Neal’s Yard Remedies for twenty years, responsible for envisioning and formulating multiple award-winning ranges, Pauline has built on her unparalleled experience in conceiving and producing the highest quality natural and organic products.

Pauline is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and the author of numerous research papers. She holds both a doctorate in bio-chemistry/chemistry and a degree in cosmetic science from the University of Westminster as well as chemistry and biochemistry degrees from Monash University Australia.

Lucia Guarello

As a retail marketer and sales professional, Lucia has seven years experience in the cosmetics, fine foods and luxury goods markets. Her primary experience is in taking new brands to market, including key brands for L’Oreal in South America

David Watts

David is an experienced entrepreneur with broad experience in the technology and healthcare sectors

Natural Products Factory is focussed on developing and producing innovative natural products and services. We create, refine and commercialise fresh ideas for using natural resources to benefit our customers. We then apply new technology to their design, distribution and marketing.

The team shares a strong conviction of the benefits of sustainability and community participation: twin values which drive our development strategy. Natural Products Factory is built around supportive, ethical business practices; we aim to make positive contributions both economically and philanthropically.

Education and research are key components of our work. We aim to build educational modules from outreach programmes to factory teach-ins. Sharing our values and our commerce with others is a vital element. We are also committed to conducting research to improve lives. Research channels include academic partners, specific services and programmes.

Innovation in product development is matched by our marketing strategy, from packaging and social communication to new commercial routes. Everyone at Natural Products Factory believe brand loyalty is only earned by building an honest and personalised relationship with individual customers..


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