Chicken and Vegetable Cobbler

cheesy chicken and vegetable cobblerThe March edition of Good Housekeeping offered another fabulous recipe for busy mums Cheesy Chicken and Vegetable Cobbler and what attracted me most to this recipe was the fact the ingredients are based on storecupboard basics meaning if you come home in a rush and don’t know what to cook THIS could be your answer just look how quick and easy it is to put together.

Another thing that attracted me to this recipe is that it is wholesome and in theory the kids should love it – let’s test it out!

Hands on time – 20 mins
Cooking time – 20 mins 

Cheesy Chicken and Vegetable Cobbler

Serves 4


200g cooked skinless chicken breast cut into bite sized pieces
200g frozen mixed vegetables
300g tin of tomato soup
175g self-raising flour, plus extra to dust
1/2 tbsp baking powder
50g Mature Cheddar cheese
75ml milk plus extra for brushing
1 medium egg lightly beaten
1/2 tbsp vegetable oil


  • Preheat the oven to 200C (180C fan) mark 6.
  • Place the cooked chicken in a 1 litre shallow oven proof dish add the frozen veg, soup and seasoning, keep to one side.
chicken and vegetable cobblers
  • Sift flour, baking powder and a large pinch of salt into a large bowl. Stir in most of the cheese.
  • Beat the milk, egg and oil together in a separate bowl.
  • Pour milk mixture into the flour bowl and use a knife to bring it together until the dough froms clumps. Add a splash of milk if it looks to dry
  • Tip the dough on a lightly floured surface and pat into a rough 9cm x 15 cms rectangle. cut into 8 equal squares and arrange them on top of the chicken mixture. Brush each scone with a little milk (I forgot this bit!) then sprinkle over the remaining cheese.
How to make cheese cobblers
  • Cook in the oven for 20 mins or until the scones are risen and golden, the filling should be bubbling and piping hot.
  • Serve immediately

Good Housekeeping info per serving – 372 cals, 12g fat (4g saturates), 42g carbs (5g total sugars)

My tasters loved it as you can see above and I can think of a lot of variations on the theme off the top of my head, for example adding sausages or strips of bacon to the chicken, using mushroom soup instead of tomato and you could spice it up a lot by adding chilli to the soup too. This was also a very cheap meal to prepare and perfect for using up leftovers!

I’m adding this recipe to the Frugal Food Fridays link up where you can find lots of CHEAP recipes to treat your family too

Have a great weekend and link up with a recipe if you’ve got one to inspire Cyberworld to get in the kitchen this weekend

I’m also linking up to Tea Time Treats over at Lavendar and Lovage for the month of March – I was hoping to get round to making Strawberry and Lemonade Scones but time is running out on me!


  1. March 2, 2012 / 12:09 PM

    Was looking for your linky but can see is not up :( the recipe looks yummy however!

    • Mari
      March 2, 2012 / 12:56 PM

      It’s up now, I think sometimes when I edit a post it disappears – very annoying as I wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t said x

  2. MsXpat
    March 2, 2012 / 3:24 PM

    Looks scrumptious and the girls clearly enjoyed it :0)

    • Mari
      March 3, 2012 / 8:01 AM

      They did and they can be difficult with new ideas so I was very pleased :)

  3. March 2, 2012 / 6:30 PM

    Oh Mari, that looks so delicious! I must try this one x

    • Mari
      March 3, 2012 / 8:03 AM

      It’s ever so quick and easy I might try a different tomato soup next time as it was maybe a bit sweet oh and my Pyrex dish was too big which allowed the sauce to evaporate, nonetheless it was a hit so will try it again

  4. March 2, 2012 / 6:38 PM

    I love the look of that, will definitely be making!  :)  XX

    • Mari
      March 3, 2012 / 8:03 AM

      I’m going to try one from scratch next time but I was intrigued with the storecupboard recipe idea, nice to know it works ;)

  5. March 2, 2012 / 11:19 PM

    Hi Mari, thanks very much for putting this in for Frugal Food Fridays. Looks delicious! Have you seen that the TeaTimeTreats challenge is scones this month? You could do a double!

    • Mari
      March 3, 2012 / 8:04 AM

      Hi Gill, thanks for coming by I’ll add that last link and yes I’ve spoken to Karen about it too asking if she’d like my Cobblers (Sorry couldn’t resist that one :D )

  6. Helen Best-Shaw
    March 3, 2012 / 8:41 AM

    Hi Mari

    it looks great, perfectly easy to make and packed with veggies.  

  7. March 3, 2012 / 8:43 AM

    Hi Mari,

    it looks great.  packed with veggies and frugal on time as well as cost! 

    Thanks for sending it to Frigal Food Fridays. 

  8. March 3, 2012 / 2:20 PM

    It looks good.   I especially like the look of those scones on top.

  9. Janice
    March 3, 2012 / 5:23 PM

    just perfect!  So easy and I bet it was super tasty.

  10. March 31, 2012 / 4:40 PM

    BRILLIANT entry thanks Mari! I love this and was hoping someone would enter a cobbler recipe! I cannot copy a photo, can you send me a photo URL please!

  11. April 4, 2012 / 10:00 PM

    The FFF round up is live at :

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