Italy for a weekend to see my grandson

thomas and evanI’m off to Italy on Saturday, the main reason for my visit is to meet my grandson Evan who was born on 30th January, 5 weeks early but I haven’t been there since Gracey’s Christening in 2010, that’s a long time to wait so naturally as time gets closer I’m thinking of all the things I want to pack into my brief visit.

  • Cuddle Evan, meet him and introduce myself, nonna Marianne.
  • Cuddle Gracey, catch up with her and remind her who I am.
  • Hug my kids Tommy and Megan and tell them all over again how much I love them and miss them.
  • Hug Oana and tell her what a wonderful brave mother she has been, let her know I will be there for her whenever she may need me.
  • Sit down and enjoy a home cooked meal with my family around me, I’m taking a bottle of the Jacob’s Creek fizz I won participating in English Mum’s Bake Off to celebrate Evan’s arrival.
  • Catch up with my friend Enrica for a good chin wag that has been two years coming.
  • I hope to see my friend Cinzia and her 3 daughters, Alice – who I am godmother to, Linda and Adele, I have sweets and chocolates for them.
  • Visit my friend Romana for some afternoon tea.
  • I MUST have a cioccolata calda con la panna, I need a cioccolata calda con la panna and I will take a photo of one for you.
  • I MUST go to Enrica’s Benetton shop and treat myself to some brand new size 10 goodies for the new slim me and some bits for the girls too :)
  • I must take a photo of Kate my Red Baron duck on her first trip to the Dolomites, fingers crossed a beautiful panorama.
  • I would like to make Strangolapreti with Max but not sure if there’ll be time to do this one.
  • Must go to the supermarket and buy some olive oil, a huge block of Parmesan cheese, some Baci and stock up on wine too.
  • I’d like to buy a copy of the Settimana Enigmistica and see how much Italian I’ve forgotten.
  • I’d like to drink a ‘Bicicletta’ with my friends, an aperitivo made with bitter Campari and white wine with a ‘scorza di limone’.
  • I would love to have a quick ski but I think you can see that’s not going to happen this time round.
  • Eat a ‘proper’ pizza with radicchio and speck on it – I’m drooling.
  • Take hundreds of photos to record every single moment, videos to put on You Tube and look back on to cheer me up when I’m sad at being so far away from them all.

My BA flight leaves Gatwick and arrives in Verona 15.50 on Saturday my return flight leaves Verona 16.35 on Monday, time is of the essence and I have to pack as much in as I can.

Can she do it?


  1. romi
    February 20, 2012 / 5:07 PM

    we are waiting for you!! kisses 

  2. Amy wilders
    February 20, 2012 / 10:26 PM

    You must be so excited. Hope you have a lovely time and manage to fit everything in. Looking forward to seeing some pictures x x

  3. February 21, 2012 / 9:27 AM

    Yes she can! (we have been having a lot of Bob the builder this morning..)  Have fun!

  4. Glenda
    February 21, 2012 / 10:10 AM

    Looks like you’re looking forward to it!! Lots of hugging on that list :) x

  5. February 21, 2012 / 11:10 AM

    Bless your cotton socks. You will have such a wonderful time. Nonna Marianne! I can’t wait to see the photos and post afterwards…much love and safe travels! ;)

  6. 1978rebecca
    February 21, 2012 / 1:22 PM

    No I don’t think you are going to do any of it except number one. As soon as you see baby Evan you will spend your whole time cuddling him!

    Have a wonderful time.

  7. jfb57
    February 21, 2012 / 1:31 PM

    How exciting! I was going to suggest a bit more cuddling myself! Have a fab time & tell us all about it when you get back! 

  8. Frankie Parker
    February 21, 2012 / 11:33 PM

    Hope you had a great weekend with your children and got lots of cuddles from your new grandson…x

  9. February 22, 2012 / 2:05 PM

    Wow that’s a lot to pack in but I have every faith in you Mari. I’m sure you’ll do it! Oh I can’t imagine how excited you must be – have a wonderful weekend xx

  10. February 23, 2012 / 1:47 PM

    ohhh you will get cuddles with your grandson… how lovely I’m sure you will just about manage to squeeze in everything you wish to do… then again you may spend the whole time stuck doing number one on your list :) have fun and I’ll look out for pictures of Kate your duck x

  11. Funky Wellies
    February 26, 2012 / 5:12 PM

    A bit late, but congratulations!! You are there now, and I hope that your visit is all you were hoping for… Looking forward to reading about it.

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