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Sunday morning we woke up to snow and of course played both morning and afternoon in the snow, check out mummy’s snowman! After a delicious Sunday roast (if I do say so myself) we settled on the sofa to watch a DVD, Dolphin Tale

This was to be the first ‘real’ film on DVD the girls had seen (by real I mean with actors), they love cartoons and animated film so it was a bit of a test run to see how they got on.

They loved it, they sat curled up all over daddy (who also thoroughly enjoyed the film) and watched the film from start to finish with no interruptions, quite an achievement after our Christmas trip to the cinema which had about 10 trips to the toilet!

The film is inspired by a true story and tells the tale of Winter the Dolphin. Winter gets her tail caught in a crab trap and can’t swim. A young lad called Sawyer discovers Winter injured and rallies around to get the dolphin transported to a marine hospital. Winter’s injuries are so bad her tail has to be amputated and dolphin’s cannot survive without their tails.

Sawyer together with a marine biologist (Harry Connick Jr) and a prosthetist (the fabulous Morgan Freeman) manage to make a new tail for Winter and coach her back into a healthy, happy dolphin.

This is a film that I’m sure we’ll be watching over and over again as dolphins are such beautiful creatures and the girls instantly fell in love with Winter and her story. It’s one of those films you can’t take your eyes off and it’s very uplifting, I will admit to having tears in my eyes at certain points throughout the ‘show’. 100% feel good factor after watching this film.

We can thoroughly recommend this film available on Blu Ray, 3D Blu Ray, digital download and DVD from 13th February 2012

Thank you to Warner Bros for sending us the film!

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