Twin parents – Multiple Mayhem Carnival

Welcome to the Multiple Mayhem Carnival where twin parents across the blogosphere write their notes on what being a twin parent means to them. They share experience, thoughts and posts that make you recognise you’re not the only one going through this manic double trouble minefield.

I guess if you’re reading this chances are you’re a twin parent or maybe you’re expecting twins and are trying to gather information on what lies ahead, well you’re in the right place. Mums and dads of all types of twins are here for you today, so pop over and read and have a look at their other twin posts too, also most importantly don’t be afraid to ask questions, nobody bites and everyone here is more than willing to share their experience and help you enjoy yours to the max.

First through the door this time was Troubles Mum who writes at Trouble Doubled. She always used to think parents who dressed their children the same were slightly potty but has found herself since doing exactly that and she’s decided to do it more frequently whilst she still gets a say in the matter!

Rebecca was second past the finish line with her entry. She writes at Here Come The Girls and she is about to tell you how she really copes with twins. She gives some fabulous tips for the first 18 months that if you have under your belt you will be armed for battle!

The lovely Heather has girl/boy twins who are now 2 and a bit, she writes at Young and Younger where you can find an abundance of Twin posts to scroll through. This time she tells us how her twins have learnt the art of discussion only everything is under debate and more importantly MINE. Oh the joys of debate!

We are Ever-So-Proud to count a lovely Spanish blogger amongst us Nuria who writes at The Twin Invasion and discusses the fact that pre twins some things seemed Very Important to her and after the twins arrival they paled in comparison of what was really important!

Nuria writes a Spanish blog too La Invasion Twin and talks about her twins there as well. Now I know how twin mums are full of spare time and like to brush up on their Spanish whilst, getting dinner on, putting the cat out at the same time and booking the car in for an MOT, so if you’d like to read her dilemma Can you love one child more than another? Then head over and get your brain doing some mental gymnastics.

Debbie who writes at Johnson Babies poses the question, which of your twins is the oldest and are they called in ‘age order’ ‘alphabetical order’ or how?

Screeching into the room in a desperate rush to be here is the wonderful Michelle who writes at Mummy From the Heart she touches on the very important issue of recognising twins as individuals. We all know how hard it is multi tasking and getting everything done and that includes a guest post for our carnival too, so thanks Michelle, lovely to have you here

***STOPPRESS*** as Musings from a Mum bashes down the door with her entry :) It’s fine for latecomers as we’re all a week late anyway form the original date, YES she says it is different having twins and it’s wonderful too, read on for more

***STOPPRESS2*** Karen has scraped through the door now, she writes at Tales of a Twin Mum and has a top 5 for you

***STOPPRESS3*** Chuckle chuckle – look what just landed in my inbox … Hi Mari, I am so so…not only am I LATE but I did not even know when the deadline was for the carnival. I am so so sorry. If it is not to late to add me in I have a newish twin post about the twins starting pre-school. The twins bizarre reaction to their 1st day of Pre-school! Of course you can join in Kerry! Kerry writes at Multiple Mummy and has a fabulous blog, please head over and check it out she’s often got lots of lovely competitions on too.

I invited any new twin mums that may come across this post to shout out on Twitter and join up so please allow me to introduce you to Jane who writes at In A Different Voice  she writes a very funny post titled Things Not to Say to a Twin Mum, we’ve heard them a million times but they never fail to make me laugh when I hear it from someone else.
Yay! Another new twin mum who wants to join in Samantha writes at Talking Twins and poses the question of sharing she also has poorly twins at the moment and we all know how hard that is.

My own contribution is Twins aged 3 and a half  which is fairly recent and quite a write up on all sorts of different things they’re up to and discovering now. I like to keep a record of how they’re getting on for my own personal reference and something they can hopefully look back on one day seeing as I never got round to preparing them Baby Books to keep. If you want to find more information please click on the Twins category and dive in :)


  1. Troubles Mum
    January 30, 2012 / 10:58 AM

    Fantastic round up of multiple parent bloggers! Thanks for including me. Looking forward to the next one already.

  2. Musings from a mum
    January 30, 2012 / 2:49 PM

    Thanks for including me and on such an exciting day for you!

  3. January 31, 2012 / 9:34 AM

    thanks so much for including me!!!!!! I didn’t have a sec to come around and thank you… I think I know you all, but gotta check!And of course, you are all invited to join The twin invasion ;)
    Lots of love coming from Barcelona!Núria

  4. January 31, 2012 / 12:50 PM

    Thank you for letting me in late! You are getting good at stopping the press! x

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