Stuff Every Mom Should Know

Stuff every Mom should know - QuirkI was recently asked if I would like to review a book entitled ‘Stuff Every Mom Should Know’ and although I winced at the Mom instead of Mum I was intrigued enough to say ‘Yes, what should I know?’

During all of my pregnancies and after I have read book after book after book and in all honesty I can never get enough books, I love to read. Also when you’re expecting it’s a time of ‘I wonders’ and ‘What ifs?’  that a book can help to solve somewhat.

It arrived swiftly and my first thoughts were – Nice! It’s a handy pocket sized book in purple and more importantly it’s well bounded because I flicked forward and backward stopping on pages haphazardly throughout the book and reading bits here and there I must admit I did put the book through a stiff road test.

It’s one of those books you can keep referring back to, it’s filled with useful information, funny stuff and How To’s as well like How to Rid a Bedroom of Monsters, How to get hair out of chewing gum and How to swaddle a baby.

It’s got tips on food, on tweens – Five things to do with your tween that you’ll BOTH actually enjoy and ideas for games and creative moments.

Written by two American ladies Heather Gibbs Flett and Whitney Moss (hence the Mom!) I’d say this was a perfect present for a first time mum (or dad) or for an expectant mum on the run up to her big day…how to baby proof her home for example.

I just wish if it said Mum and not Mom but I’m a fusspot , if you can get past that you’ll love it and certainly won’t regret spending your £6.99 to have it. It’s out in March


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