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I mentioned a while back on Maris’ World Facebook page that I had been lucky enough to receive a tube of Amway’s Artistry Intensive Skincare Anti-Wrinkle Firming Serum well I purposely didn’t write about it straight away as I think any good skin cream needs three weeks on my skin to see what, if any, effects there are.

Now I am not big on make up, in fact chances are you’re more likely to see me without rather than with – I have enough to do in the morning without having to take time to make up as well but skincare is a totally different matter.

I have been using skin creams since my early 20’s. Living in Italy up the top of a mountain dried my young skin up quickly and I quickly remedied by buying a good face cream that was nourishing. I have never gone a day without since. I pack my creams to go on holiday, weekend breaks, overnight stays and as I’m getting to the bottom of one pot it automatically goes on the shopping list to look out for the next. Skincare would be my desert island product.

You can see from the photo the lines are starting to show on my face; forehead, eyes, cheeks and I count myself lucky in as much as I recognise it’s going to happen, I cannot stop time and therefore it doesn’t depress me as it does some people however I also know I can help my skin stay elastic and therefore slow down the process. Giving up smoking in 2003 was probably the best gift I gave to my skin in all my life and now I never go into the sun without a good sun protection cream on too.

I have also been using serums in my daily routine for a few years too and Artistry is the most expensive one I have tried priced at £90.00. It has a Breakthrough retinol Targeting Complex which not being a scientist I know nothing about but it tells me it reduces the common side effects found in retinol treatments.

Retinol is one of the most effective ingredients to treat signs of ageing by rebuilding the skin’s elasticity while reducing visible wrinkles, collagen activity is boosted overnight and laboratory tests proved Artistry produced three times as more collagen activity overnight in cell structures.

So how was it?

Well for the first two weeks I was to apply it every other night on clean skin so I moved the cream up and down a shelf to remind me which day I was on because I’m thick like that – especially before bed!

Then after two weeks I started to apply it every night and now after week three I feel like we’re getting used to each other. I like the consistency, similar to other serums I have used before. It absorbs really quickly and leaves no sticky or greasy feel to the skin.

Looking in the mirror, I can still see all of my wrinkles whether they’re smoother yet I’m not so sure as I have a very critical eye however, my skin does feel better, more elastic and firmer and more importantly I have a really dry patch on the top of one cheekbone which itches when it gets too dry and since using this product that has really calmed down a lot. Considering the season that’s excellent for me.

Would I buy it again? Yes, but I need to find an extra £90 and that is the tricky bit for me. I am sure it is definitely improving the state of my skin and seeing as I won’t be looking for surgery anytime soon or botox every little helps.

Artistry is made by Amway visit them online or call 01908 629 400. The number for Italy is +39 02 904631 or visit


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