The Scary Monster With No Name

Remember me telling you I had written a short children’s story for a book in aid of Save The Children? Well this is my Christmas present to you (if I get it right that is) I have copied the story below and added a PDF for you to download for free (again if I get it right) The pictures were drawn by Billy Whooley my 10 year old nephew (the fabulous monster) and Rosie Whooley my 12 year old niece (the darling little girl) I hope you enjoy our good work…


This is the story of a monster.

He was very big with huge yellow eyes and green spikes down his furry back. When he was angry, which was very often, he turned purple with rage as he stamped his feet in anger on the floor.

His mouth was so wide when he roared that everyone ran for safety for fear of being sucked inside.

Oh he was a fierce and frightening creature and everyone stayed well away from him.

The trouble was the monster was very lonely. He was so good at scaring people away he had no friends.

He was so frightening that he didn’t even know his name as no one spoke to him. He had no one to play with and no one to talk to and no one to cuddle him when he got scared

because don’t tell anyone but even the fiercest monsters get scared sometimes.

In fact one day he got so scared he sat down and burst into tears. He wailed loudly as the biggest teardrops fell on his shiny fur.

A little girl heard all the commotion and came to see what it was. She saw the huge monster sat on the ground his head in his hands and sobbing. She walked over to him and put her arms around him

‘There, there, nothing is ever that bad.’

She stroked his soft fur and sat down beside him.

‘Would you like some cake?’ she offered

The monster was astounded. No one had ever spoken to him before. He looked at the little girl in front of him and nodded his head accepting a piece of her cake.

‘Why are you crying?’ she asked.

‘Because I have no friends, I scare everyone away and I don’t even know my name.’

‘I can be your friend if you like?’ suggested the little girl. This made the monster very happy and for the first time in his life, he smiled.

The smile made him feel all warm and he started to giggle.

The little girl giggled too and soon they were rolling on the grass laughing.

‘I know what your name is!’ she said ‘It’s Giggles.’

What a happy day the monster had a friend and a name!


I hope you liked it or at least your children will. This is a first time for me but I hope that if you click on the link below you are presented with a document to download, it’s a very basic text copy of the story and I’m going to learn how to make them more pretty and include pictures too.

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a wonderful 2012

Love Mari xxx

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