Hi Tec boots tested by Alfie the police dog

Hi Tec are thinking of mums this year and they know they can help with the winter school run.

With winter knocking on our door, the temperatures descending fast and the thought of snow looming in the not so far distance it’s time to make sure you are well prepared for every event the weatherman can throw at you, after all we don’t want our little ones to miss their schooling do we?

Hi Tec sent me a pair of their St Mortiz snow boots to road test for them along with some very comfy cotton socks (perfect for skiing too) and a flask to fill with hot coffee should I be delayed on my school run! A ‘proper’ testing was called for so when my friend Nicole called up and asked if I’d accompany her to take Alfie her puppy for a walk I had the perfect opportunity, Shorne Country Park.

Alfie is a police dog, he’s an English Springer Spaniel and was born in March. Alfie will be trained to be a sniffer dog and will spend his life sniffing out drugs or explosives and keeping our world that little bit safer.

The reason these dogs spend a year with a family is to socialise them and allow them to gain experience into our world, from walking along a busy high street, going in a car, to trying out new surfaces to walk on carpet, wood, tiles, sand, grass.Learning how to act within a family and NOT eat everyone’s socks which seems to be a passion of his and one that must be stopped as soon as possible.


There are rules. He’s not allowed a whole basket of dog toys for example BUT he must learn to love his tennis ball as they will use this ball to train him when his time comes, if his time comes, as he has to undergo regular checks every 6-8 weeks where he is assessed on many different levels that he must reach in order to go on to being a fully fledged sniffer dog.

He’s currently failing on the bird test – he sees a bird and can’t help himself but chase it and he’s not allowed to which is proving a challenge to teach him and of course he’s going to have to drop his sock habit too

‘He’s seen something – look at that tail!

All police forces and London for Transport are looking for families willing to help socialise their dogs. You and your home will be thoroughly checked and then you wait to be called and assigned a dog. The most difficult part for Nicole and more so for her two boys will be handing Alfie back at the end of the year but she’s been very clear with her boys and they know Alfie, if he passes, will go on to do a very important job.

So how did the Hi Tec boots get on with Alfie’s walk in the park? The boots were incredibly comfortable with a lot of support around the ankle enhanced by the lacing, they were very warm and although we walked for over an hour my feet weren’t overheated, they are waterproof but not mudproof, They did get dirty but nothing a stiff brush can’t remove and the style, well it’s St Moritz dah-ling, didn’t you know faux fur is all the rage this year, even Gucci and Chanel are using it.

I am really looking forward to my first snowfall now as I am so well prepared for it – Bring It On!

Thank you Hi Tec!


  1. Nicole
    November 24, 2011 / 9:48 AM

    Alfie’s 5 minutes of fame! It was a great walk and your boots definately looked warmer and more stylish than my walking shoes…..will have to put them on my winter shopping list, along with a sleigh and harness for Alfie to pull me up the hills when the snow comes!! LOL see you soon. Nic x

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