Our Brand New Shoes first outing

Alice and Bessie have been really lucky recently to have been sent a pair of shoes each from Vertbaudet, the beautiful French children’s clothes company and we’ve waited for a special occasion to arise to take them out for the first time.

Bonfire night came and went but they would have got far too muddy for new shoes so we opted for our wellies, at the weekend on our balance bikes we opted for trainers as they are used as brakes and the toes are scuffed until they are bare so Pudsey’s Party was the perfect opportunity to take the brand new shoes out for a run.

When I was asked a preference of colour I said I didn’t mind as they are all gorgeous but I asked for two different colours as the girls are learning to distinguish their own belongings as I continue to dress them the same but in different colours.

Big mistake, as the boxes were opened they both wanted the ‘purple’ ones (Clover). Luckily for me when it came to putting them on them there were no arguments and no tantrums, I think they were both so pleased at having new shoes on they didn’t really focus on the colour, you see a females’ shoe passion is born so young!

As it was a Pudsey party we donned our Pudsey socks which are proudly displayed for the camera and hair clips too with our favourite bear on. Off we went to preschool as usual and I picked the girls up at midday with sandwich boxes as we made our way to the centre where the party was to be held. Each child paid £5.00 which will all go into Pudsey’s pot and for 2 hours the girls were thoroughly entertained.

We decorated Pudsey biscuits with bandanas made out of icing, coloured sweet dots and chocolate icing for eyes, nose and mouth

There was a lot of dancing, music, story telling, singing and playing with toys

We had our faces painted with beautiful butterflies

We had our souvenir photo taken with Pudsey himself

and so did mummy too!

A fabulous party organised by Clare to whom a special thank you must go for all her hard work and a lovely time was had by all, I think these shoes were put to the test and coped marvellously


  1. SAHMlovingit
    November 12, 2011 / 8:19 AM

    That Pudsey party looks like fun – looks like you had a great time, never mind Alice and Bessie!

    Glad they are getting their shoe passion at such a young age too :)


  2. Mrs TeePot
    November 13, 2011 / 12:03 PM

    awww they are too cute for words! Fab shoes too, do they come in grown up sizes too?!

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