Bosch Garden Makeover – The final

And now to accessorize the garden..

Today is the last day for our Bosch Garden Makeover competition and we’ve all been working very hard since early September, turning our gardens around into something more than a back yard and closer to a beautiful new ‘room’ (as they are known to in the horticutural societies) I must admit I am very pleased with our hard work and now can’t wait for the spring to arrive so I can see the real effect of all our new plants which I am hoping make the garden look more lived in.

The gardening competition combined the forces of three top gardening companies, Bosch, Coblands Online and Green Thumb.

Bosch, very generously, gave us £100 to spend on their gardening tools and if you remember we chose to invest it all on a brand new beautiful lawnmower, the Rotak 34, which was also slightly over budget so again I thank them for being so kind; the extra cash went towards the ergonomically designed handle which makes for mush easier mowing and perfect back posture whilst doing so. Other Half is the designated mower in this house and I can’t tell you how happy he is with his new lawnmower, having put up with his old hover machine which didn’t pick up the cut grass and ‘tore’ it rather than cut it he couldn’t believe his luck. He was amazed at just how many times he did have to empty the bin to cover the whole lawn (I think the most he reached was 5 bins) and finally had to cave in and acknowledge I had been right after moaning for years about excess grass being dragged into the house. (Yesssssss!)

Green Thumb came in and Dan spent an hour treating the lawn for the weeds and then put down a fertiliser, I can clearly see where the weeds have died off and I’m hoping the fertiliser will green it up over the winter, as Dan mentioned during the procedure it does take a few ‘goes’ before a lawn reaches it’s best so come the Spring I shall look to continue their good work and see if I can eliminate the weeds completely.

Very clever packaging ensures perfect delivery of all the plants

Finally Coblands Online who very generously allowed us to click through their online garden brochure and spend £100 each on plants. I had never had a plan from the start so I ordered my favourite plants and eye catching colours. I still have a Tess of the Durberville rose which is a beautiful hot pink and an Apple Tree to arrive in the near future but the plants I have received and planted I’m sure give a much better idea of how I am starting to establish my garden.

I have stuck mainly to filling the right hand border looking down the garden to start with, it is in the sun all day long all year long and hopefully this time next year it will have a totally different look. I also added a couple of plants to the left hand side, a hydrangea which lives well in half shade (and next door have two down their right hand side) and a Berberis Thunbergil Barberry which has a beautiful red leaf in the autumn.

I have also filled the gaps in the bedding with daffodils, tulips, snowdrops, crocuses and other colourful bulbs to come up in the Spring, I moved a couple of plants I had already planted as over the summer I had seen they were in the wrong place either being swamped by other bulbs that came up (Lupins) or being covered by fast growing bushes. here’s my Grand Finale video, let me show you around…

So it has been an exhilarating task, it got us all out in the garden and made me look at our open space through new eyes. NOW it’s over to you to see if you’d like to vote for me over the others? Each blogger now submits there efforts and it goes to a public vote which of course once I l know I shall give you all of the details, the prize is two tickets for the Royal Chelsea Garden show and a home visit from Helen Yemm, super gardener who writes for the Daily Telegraph and who will spend time giving tips and advice to the winner on how to make the most of their patch, I’m sure my nan will want to come round too that day should I win which is cool as she can make the cake and bring her vintage tea set too, now that should impress Ms Yemm!

So thank you Bosch for choosing Mari’s World to participate in your fabulous competition, I hope we did you proud!


  1. October 31, 2011 / 8:24 PM

    Looking good, love all your new plants.

  2. Mama Syder
    November 1, 2011 / 8:38 AM

    Well done, it looks Great. Love your plant choices x

  3. November 1, 2011 / 10:01 PM

    Yay, we did it! All that hard work was worth it.

    Well done you, it looks fab. xx

  4. SAHMlovingit
    November 2, 2011 / 10:23 AM

    Well done on getting it all done – it looks great Mari xxx

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