Are solar panels the way forward?

Solar Panels

Have you also received a letter from your energy supplier lately informing you that ‘Oops, fancy that, your direct debit is no longer going to cover your bills now we’ve increased them by £18 a month so we’re going to raise your DD £20 a month to be on the safe side!’ How kind of them to be so considerate don’t you think?

Trouble is they’re right. Energy prices are constantly on the rise and although I haven’t researched this extensively I heard we are getting gas piped in from Siberia and our electricity probably comes from outer space. We’re spending exorbitant amounts of taxpayers money on developing wind farms that ….get turned off when it’s too windy (eh?) I don’t know about you but I’m confused and this means only one thing I need to find an answer to this problem. I need to do more than just compare electricity prices to go with the lowest option currently available.

Solar panels.

They’ve been on our mind for a long while now, even before moving in here just over  a year ago. They do seem the perfect way forward trouble is you need anything between £8 – 12 thousand pounds initial investment and that’s what’s blocking us at this point in time. I mean do you take out a loan in this wobbly financial climate? I think not, especially as the bank charges on any loan just make them ridiculously high and Heaven Forbid anything should happen (I daren’t even mention the ‘R’ word here) well how on earth would we pay it back?

Having said all of that I do love the idea of doing the green thing making my own energy and using it for all of my appliances and I love even more the idea of selling my surplus energy back to the national grid. Now that would be an extra £900 or so a year, an idea not to be snubbed.

Most newspapers are filled with various companies adverts explaining how much you can earn, how much you’ll save and how long it will take you to pay it all back which are very palatable but who do you go with?

For now solar panels remain very much on the back burner whilst we tackle other more urgent areas in our housekeeping but should we find ourselves with that extra cash then it’s most certainly something we’d look into. Are you interested in finding out more? I Googled and found this info here from Solar panel quotes online

The first thing you should make sure of is that the team that does the work and commissions your home solar power installation is registered with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) in order for you to be registered on the grid and qualify for the Feed In tariff scheme income.

Most domestic solar panel installations can take from 3 to 5 days from start to finish.

A typical job may run something like this;

  • Delivery of the equipment,
  • Erecting scaffold,
  • Installing the system,
  • Testing system,
  • Dismantling scaffold, cleaning site
  • Commissioning the system.

Once the solar pv panels are fully installed & tested, the MCS registered installer will provide you with a certificate of completion. The MCS registration certificate needs to be provided to your power supplier who will register your solar panel installation on the grid. Once this has been competed, you will then be eligible for the appropriate feed in tariff income.

Have you got solar panels? If so do you have any advice? I think/hope we’ll be doing this sooner or later…one day

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