Roary the racing car!

Roary the racing carRoary the number one star!

That’s how the song goes and I have listened to it so many times that sometimes it plays on repeat in my brain until I fall asleep exhausted or kick it out from sheer frustration.

BUT Roary is one of my favourite kids cartoons, I love listening to Peter Kay, Stirling Moss and Murray Walker alongside the other characters as they prepare for a race, get held up by something and then save the day. I love that Big Chris is more concerned with where his next pizza is coming from than looking after his cars and Marsha always ends up solving the problem. My God that woman has a tough job to do!

I have discovered that Roary is showing up and down the country in theatres across the land. It’s the day for Champion of Champions race at Silver Hatch and Roary will be racing against his favourites friends but Flash the mischievous rabbit has got his eye on Farmer Green’s bio fuel and without fuel will the race take place?

I haven’t yet taken the girls to the cinema or Crimbo panto but it is on my list of Things To Do with them and so I‘m very excited that we’re lucky enough to have been given tickets to go along to Dartford on 3rd September to review it. (Daddy will have to brush up on his Silver Hatch knowledge in time that’s for sure!)

Will Marsha save the day yet again? We shall come back and tell you all  about it. If you fancy seeing it too taking the kids along have a look here to find your closest theatre and let me know how much fun you have.

ROARY the racing car, ROARY the number one star!

Tickets can be booked by calling local theatres or by visiting their ‘Champions’, please go to Roary the racing car

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