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Spa day?

Brilliant idea but heck, who’s got the money for it? I know we’re still recovering from our Sardegna trip. Add to that home insurance, car insurance, girls birthday present and party not to mention the car seriously needs a service – I mean that’s extra cash wiped out for the next couple of months. How annoying, it was such a good idea as well.

But then P&G came to our rescue *enters P&G superwoman with bundle of brand new Spa hair products*

‘Howz about we all have a spa day in the comfort of our own homes?’

Much easier and a fraction of the cost. Yaaaayyyy! Another excellent idea.

Did you know Pantene are launching a new line of hair products? I’ve used Pantene for ages now and really like them so when I was told by the P&G powers that be they were coming out with a brand new spa range and would I like to review them. I naturally gushed ‘Yes! Of course.’ tripping over myself in the rush to make sure they didn’t change their minds.

I mean, what with me having a celebrity hairdresser and all, who could be more suitable?

I had visions of me sitting in a fluffy white towelling dressing gown with another brilliant white towel on my head sipping green tea and telling you the virtues of the products on video whilst showing off but the girls birthday party got in my way so that idea was abandoned.

In fact, if you take a look at my fantastically set up photograph of the products placed ever-so-carefully on a bright pink girly towel the more trained eye will notice that the Frizz Control pump product is missing that is because I gave it to my sister in law (a hairdresser) and I asked her to please test it on hair that frizzes as my hair is as straight as a poker and well, when we do things here in Mari’s World, we do them properly!

Here’s what Hayley thought…

Hi Marianne,

Just thought I’d let you know how I got on with the frizz control. I used 9 pumps, 3 pumps at a time to manage the amount and to distribute it evenly; its appearance is a more liquidy conditioner rather than the normal consistancy of a conditioner. I just rough dried my hair and didnt use a brush so if it was going to frizz it definately would!! I used the product on its own and my hair felt very soft, not knotty, easy to run my fingers through whilst drying my hair. It didn’t feel like I had something on my hair, not sticky as I thought it might be and the fragrance was very slight not at all overpowering. After drying, my hands also felt lovely and soft and not sticky as sometimes happens. Would use it again and I am going to buy the shampoo and conditioner in the same range tomorrow!!!!    

See you soon Hayley xx

Well, what a perfect review, thanks Hayley. As for the remaining products, well I’ve been using them every day for over a week and I am very very pleased with the results, in actual fact where I normally leave my hair to dry off naturally in the summer I have noticed there are no weird kinks or flicks where there shouldn’t be, in fact my hair has never looked so good even if I do say so myself :)

The Spa Intensive Treatment (the big tub in the photo) is a touch of luxury at an affordable price. I have left it on and gone off to do other things (ie. housework, I wasn’t going to mention this as it’s supposed to be spa day but that’s reality for you)  and rinsing it off later. I am very pleased with the results. Shiny, straight, squeaky clean hair. In fact, shame I don’t have another hot Mediterranean holiday coming up as this would be perfect after a scorching hot day on the beach.

So if like me you would like to treat yourself but have a restricted budget then this is the perfect product for you with the feel-good factor to make you feel relaxed and beautiful. ‘G’wan – treat yerself!’

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  1. July 19, 2011 / 8:46 AM

    I would cut off my right arm for a spa day! I have never been on one and would love too! ;) x

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