Take That Progress tour

Take That have been filling Wembley Stadium for the past week and tonight is their 8th and final night in the UK before heading off for San Siro in Milan to belt out the Progress songs across Europe. I was there on Tuesday so high up in the Gods I could almost touch the roof but at least I stayed dry!

This is my 3rd Take That reunion concert and one I was really looking forward to having managed to get the tickets online back in October. I was curious to see how the lovable rogue Robbie Williams would fit into the group with his enormous ego and having been so successful as a solo artist, in fact no surprises, the boys kicked off with some of our favourite tracks since they’ve been back together and then Mr Williams took over the stage solo and belted his heart out under a torrential rain to 85,000 adoring fans. A special mention must go to his heartfelt Angels tune which he dedicated to everyone in the audience who had recently lost a loved one as he said he had lost three people close to him in the course of a few weeks. The crowd loved him, he loved his crowd and the songs were sung by all present but was this becoming a Robbie Williams tour…hadn’t we all come to say Take That reunited?

As Robbie finished his solo set the stage started to move and it became apparent the show was about to start. An amazing set featuring a robot who appeared from the back and as the set pieces were sang the robot moved and the lights changed colour lending brilliant effects. They sang the new stuff and some of their old material too which got all the grils singing along. The lads took the mickey out of each other about past differences, a little light arguing but the atmosphere was great. They jumped, danced, sang and kept us all thoroughly entertained for two hours but….yes there’s a but for me…I came away thinking ‘Yeah, good but maybe not as good as The Circus tour. Had the new addition of Robbie stolen some of the limelight? Had the boys had to bow down to Mr Williams wishes a few too many times? Who knows? But I came away thinking that there was something behind the scenes that we weren’t being told and everyone was being polite and doing a job.

Here’s a collage of a few pictures I took


  1. Funky Wellies
    July 13, 2011 / 12:19 PM

    Wow, your pictures are amazing! Sorry to hear there was a “but” for you, though. I will be posting about Bon Jovi next week I am sure… ;)

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