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Lucky lucky me. The Lovely Uju from Babes About Town, a fabulous blog of London based life that is child friendly and very yummy mummy, has offered me a couple of her favourite posts to publish for you whilst I am away. I can certainly relate to this post and maybe you will too…read and tell me if we should take her advice.

Lovers Unplugged

As the hubby and I lay in bed one night scrolling through our respective Crackberries, a thought bubble hovered over my head.

It read, ‘What is wrong with this picture?’

I know we’re not the only couple who finds themselves in the grip of their smart phones, browsing after lights off.

But that scene made me reflect again on how much more connected we are in these times yet how much less engaged.

Some while back, Babe Daddy and I established Wednesdays as TV Turn-Off night. The idea was to have at least one evening when, after the kids were finally asleep, we did more than just flop on the sofa in front of Eastenders or The Wire.

TV Turn-Off night meant curling up together with our books and chill-out music in the background. Reading side by side creates a far more intimate space than hooking up to the outside world via tech.

But since this night often coincided with pressing concerns like Champions League football, it quickly fell by the wayside.

Many new mums and dads, in an effort to keep the home fires burning, arrange ‘Date Night’ every week. But for some, even that sounds like hard work with all the shaving of legs, rustling up of gourmet meals, lighting of candles and maybe hiring of babysitters.

So I came up with a new proposition for my hubby and it’s a challenge for any other lazy couples out there. How about just one night dedicated to being ‘unplugged’, a night when we ‘switch off and open up’?

Unplugged means turning off the telly, shutting down the laptop, putting phones on silent and focusing inwards for a change.

And before anyone’s teeth start gritting, ‘opening up’ doesn’t have to mean revealing the depths of your soul while trying to look your partner in the eye.

It can simply be about opening up a bottle of wine and reminiscing about the first time you got together, who pulled who, and how far you’ve come. Try opening up a box of old photos, letters or souvenirs and sharing a bit of each other’s history. Maybe open up a ‘couples only’ board game or other suitably corny ‘erotic’ activity and see where the night leads.

Or simply open up a book and enjoy the old school companionship of reading side by side or even aloud to each other.

The rustle of pages beats the click and whirr of gadgets any day. And at least when you read, there’s always one hand free for human contact…



  1. Mama Syder
    June 2, 2011 / 7:30 AM

    Great post and fantastic advice. I so agree with having a one night a week of unplugging. I think it is vital for re-connecting with one another x

  2. Livi
    June 3, 2011 / 9:43 PM

    That’s a great idea! Fabulous post!

  3. Babes about Town
    June 4, 2011 / 9:34 AM

    Ah I almost missed this! Been so preoccupied with my brand new niece ;-) Thanks so much for hosting me Mari, hope you’re enjoying your break and finding genuine time to be unplugged x

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