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Tara’s prompt this week is trees because she can’t get enough of them. She LOVES trees, all seasons, all kinds just a total tree hugger which is pretty handy really seeing as on one of our very recent walks I took a few shots that I was really pleased with when I got home. I must admit I am really enjoying this time of year and waiting and watching eagerly for all the trees to break out in leaf and blossom and take even more photos so Tara, call Trees whenever you like!

There’s my offering for this week’s The Gallery and nip over where you can find many more amazing photographers with some brilliant and inspiring ideas


  1. Nic's Notebook
    March 16, 2011 / 2:46 PM

    Oooh such nice pics!!

  2. Livi
    March 16, 2011 / 7:53 PM

    If I was a tree climber I’d want to climb that there tree!

  3. Anonynoose
    March 22, 2011 / 11:12 PM

    I love the third photo. I want to be there.

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