The 1930’s Housewife Challenge

When I lived in Italy today, 8th March, was one date in the calendar that wouldn’t go by without a mention, in fact I was horrified during the first year when my married brother in law came up to me, a huge smile on his face and holding a beautiful bunch of mimosa flowers out for me. Was he declaring his love? I was enormously relieved when he wished me ‘Tanti auguri per festa della donna.’  A kind of many happy returns for International Women’s Day. I was also horrified another 8th March when during a celebratory shopping trip I got a phone call ‘Your house is on fire!’

I notice from our media that slowly, slowly this special day is getting more and more attention, in fact there have been surveys (wouldn’t you just love to know who sits at a desk and compiles them?) Well the key findings are here

  •  Today’s young mums look back to the 1970s and 80s as the generations they would most like to have been bringing up baby because they perceive them as being less pressured
  • Over a third of mums (34%) believe that today they have less time for themselves than their mothers did. The majority of mums (18%) have just 3-4 hours to themselves a week, equivalent to 26 minutes a day
  •  Mums place huge value on their own mothers; as carers of their children, friends and as sources of advice. 47% of all mums rely on their mums as their most valued source of advice and support and after dads, grandmothers provide the most support for mums looking after baby (22%)
  •  A whopping 68% of today’s mums use technology such as Skype, texting and online social networks to communicate with and link up with their support networks each week, compared to just 17% who organise face-to-face meetings with their support network of mums.   63% of those questioned believe that these online communities have helped empower them as a collective group

Even Daniel Craig has stood in a woman’s shoes for this fabulous thought provoking video on We Are Equals

Yes, I had already started to use the battteries before taking the photo

And we’re the ‘lucky’ ones as our lives are full of products that make life so much easier but if you try to cast your mind back to the 1930’s what was our Great Gran’s day like? A hell of a lot busier than ours that’s for sure! Mari’s World has been thrown a challenge, The 1930’s Housewife Challenge. Procter & Gamble are celebrating 80 years in the business of making our lives easier so their PR company thought it would be a brilliant idea for some parenting bloggers to live a life in the day of a 1930’s housewife. They made their great idea sound even sweeter by sending through a box of the products Procter & Gamble produce for us and tempting us with a day at a spa as means of saying thank you. Well, I took up the challenge because that’s what I’m like….I can do that! But after I had clicked on send for my acceptance email I started to wonder exactly what it was like, I went to chat with my own grandmother and discovered that it took a whole day to do the weekly washing, gulp! And Gladys helped out whereas I will only have the girls for company. I am waiting for my box of instructions to arrive and then I shall be able to fill you in more on my challenge. I know a washboard is involved and soap. Uh-oh what have I let myself in for?

Going back to the 26 minutes,  the Me Time we get when the housework, work and childcare is done (not even half an hour) and the fact today is festa for women everywhere I went for a walk in the countryside and took some beautiful spring photos for you. Have a nice cup of tea and as it’s Festa delle Donna you can even have some chocolate :)

Frosty morning today

Trees in blossom

A beautiful wooden

Forsythia - a sign that Spring is near

I love this shot - do you?

Hello everyone, have a beautiful day, love Mari, Alice and Bessie


So considering we only get 26 minutes a day Me Time, what are you going to do with yours today?


  1. Amy Wilders
    March 8, 2011 / 6:38 PM

    Good luck with your challenge. It will certainly be interesting!! Lovely pictures. Your shadows make you all look very tall!!

  2. March 10, 2011 / 2:12 PM

    Best of luck with your challenge! I did the same thing on the weekend, if you fancy a read to stop by – hope it doesn’t put you off though…

    • Mari
      March 10, 2011 / 4:22 PM

      I certainly shall have a look and can’t wait to get my teeth into this one :)

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