All electioned out!

Bring on tomorrow 11 pm as I cannot take anymore of this election drivel.

One thing for sure is I’d like Gordon Brown out as although he may be a very nice man with a lovely wife and family, he doesn’t do politics for me. Which of course leads to the next important question…Then who?

I’ve only voted twice in the UK, my 1st vote back in 1983 went to Mrs Margaret Thatcher. I wasn’t very politically aware but from everyone I spoke to she was the way forward, so I followed and added my vote. I was quite pleased when she won and felt assured I had helped Britain onto the right track. Then I buggered off to Italy for 18 years and never voted once in all that time. I didn’t know about the postal vote and lived too far from Milan or Rome where the embassies were.

I remember thinking though, had I been ‘at home’ I would have voted for Tony Blair in 1997 as the country needed change and he was the ticket to change at the time.

My second vote in 2005 was for the Conservative party again. Once again we were at a dead-end, Tony was slacking, I didn’t agree with the Iraq War nonsense and believed we needed a clean start again. Conservative did win in my area and a couple of years later Tony hung up his apron and we were left with Gordon to fill his shoes.

I wasn’t convinced.

We’ve spoken before about feelings for people and situations and Gordon just wasn’t/isn’t it for me.

Then we heard about the MP’s expenses scandal, more war with no arms, Broken Britain, benefit frauds and untold illegal immigrants all claiming our hard-earned pennies too! Madness.

So again, once the election was called I started to ask around. My grandmother (90 in August) said she was going for UKIP or praying for a hung government.

‘You can’t do that!’ I replied my eyes popping out of my skull. The very word ‘hung’ doesn’t give much hope at all does it?

‘I can and I will’ came the firm reply.

She has seen so many swaps from Labour to Conservative during her life she’s now convinced neither can do anything to lead us honorably and they’re all just full of lies and broken promises…who can blame her?

I watched the debates, well ok, half watched them and followed what was being said after them in the newspapers and on TV. Liberal Democrats were making a noise for the first time. I can remember Dad years ago, mentioning them but no one has ever taken them very seriously, have they? Is it their time now?

Then the Greens, the BMP (no thanks!) (Or as Jean points out BNP!) and all the other smaller parties who make up the ‘others’ but would my vote do anything if I gave it to them? I don’t think so.

I don’t know, but David Cameron is the man who will most likely be getting my vote tomorrow. I like that he is eager to get on with ‘the job’ that he has tripped Gordon up on so many occasions and he has what seems to be a convincing team behind him. I may be wrong – I hope not – but one thing I do hope is that whoever wins tomorrow they drag us out of the swamp we are immersed in and lead us into a cleaner, clear-cut future.


  1. Jean
    May 5, 2010 / 2:34 PM

    Who’s the BMP Marianne? Are they a new party? The Barry Manilow Party?

    It’s a tough one eh, I always vote, it’s a privilege, whether my vote makes a difference or not (, however, Labour can forget my vote, not least because they’ve been a joke, the Tories can forget my vote, not least because Phillipa Stroud, their head honcho for Social Justice believes that prayer can ‘cure’ homosexuality, UKIP can forget my vote, not least because can’t keep their xenophobia in check.

    I have to say I like Nick Clegg, we finally have seen a three horse race as opposed to the normal two which makes it much more interesting, although a coalition government might be on the cards according to predictions.

    We’ll see what tomorrow brings …

  2. May 5, 2010 / 3:08 PM

    Ha ha! Didn’t see that error but Barry might do quite well given half a chance.
    Didn’t know about Phillipa’s pray cure..
    As for Lib Dems, our local candidate Anna Arrowsmith was a porn film director a few years back! When I heard that my heart dropped and I crossed her off my list but I still have time to rethink…give her the job-in-hand? (Sorry, couldn’t resist) What do you say?
    It just reminds me too much of Cicciolina in Italy….although she was in front of the porn camera :)

  3. Carol
    May 5, 2010 / 6:55 PM

    That’s blown it I thought it was a secret ballot.!! Strikes me the MPs are all in it for themselves not the country !! I voted Liberal, once years ago, and my Dad said as women fought to vote they should vote wisely, and that was a wasted vote. I wish he were here now, he knew how to sort out a mess.

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