Noisy neighbours…

They’re the worst aren’t they?

You hear occasionally in the papers of neighbours warring and ending up in court as they won’t turn their music down, or tidy their front/back gardens dragging down the whole area.

Well here on The Croft we’re very lucky.

It’s a little peaceful haven and to be honest there’s not an awful lot to gossip about. We’re all very polite with our ‘mornings and ‘evenings, asking elderly Ted after his wife Leah who’s undergoing the umpteenth trial at removing cancer from her breasts definitely.

I’ve lent my sieve to Emma opposite on a couple of occasions and my magical potion PoxClin for chicken pox to Vicky on the back row when Josh followed my girls with the itchy disease.

We have been known to share drinks out front in the summer, come out after midnight on New Year’s Eve to pass on our good wishes for the new year and the kids play together, in general it’s a happy community…until last night that is.

I glanced at the clock as I woke. It’s a habit since the girls arrived just to see how much sleep I’ve had and unlikely of getting unless they go straight back down. It was 0.42

I tried to turn over and go back to sleep thinking I was having another hot flush but I could hear this woman’s voice in my head and couldn’t turn her off. A car alarm went off and I knew it wasn’t one of those scratched disc moments but real life.

We both went to the window to make sure it wasn’t our car and lo and behold there were number 69 shouting at the top of their heads and wrestling on the pavement.

She stood up.

He didn’t move and we could see he had a huge holdall with him, he just lay in the gutter whilst she poked him with her foot.

Incensed that she wasn’t getting any reaction from him she jumped into her car and started to rev up the engine madly.

She reversed away from him not taking her eyes off him for a second and then drove the bumper right up to him, nudging him to move. The engine was straining under the continued revs and making a hell of a racket but that didn’t stop her. And I couldn’t take my eyes off the scene unfolding beneath me.

The car next to her went off for the second time.

‘Shall I call the police?’ He asked me. No, it’s a domestic, it’ll be all over in a minute.

We watched, as he dragged himself to an upright position and started to walk away. She got out of the car, leaving it in the middle of the street and they met in front of the car. She started to punch him, hefty angry punches and at one point she was smashing his head against the bonnet.

She was one angry lady.

He fell to the floor and she started to kick him, venting her anger on him.

He managed to break away and holdall over his shoulder started to walk out of the Croft.

Was she going to leave him be? Hell no. She jumped in her car and making a Formula 1 racket followed him.

I jumped back into bed at this stage tired and worried the girls might wake and keep me truly awake. Paul followed and sleep swiftly followed.

Would you have intervened?


  1. scribblingmum
    April 19, 2010 / 9:37 PM

    Oh lordy lord! How quickly that seemed to turn into something pretty full on, I wonder what had happened to bring it to that strong and violent an end. I can’t think what’d make me do that, I’m not much of a drinker so I wouldn’t have that excuse.

    On the bright side at least it wasn’t in the day when you had viewers looking at the house !

    • April 20, 2010 / 12:18 PM

      I have since spoken with the neighbours who live next door to them and this isn’t a one off apparently and it’s always her who kicks it off and loses control. Oh and they called the police who didn’t show up till 4 am!!!
      Again I’ve bene told that the argument was over old affairs that obviously haven’t been put to sleep yet, he had the affair over a year ago and she brings it up in every argument.
      Anyway they went about their businees very sheepishly yesterday after apologising to their nextdoor neighbours.
      I hope, for them, they are able to reconcile but I have my doubts with such anger there.

  2. alessandra smith
    April 20, 2010 / 8:45 AM

    I live in a street which, although not “posh”, is residential so it is normally quiet at night, no noisy pubs, no shops or anything like that.
    But I’ve had my share of noisy neighbours.
    Notably, an otherwise lovely Rastafarian whose fault was that, not having a stable day-time job, he had a tendency to “confuse” day and night and play his music very loud at very odd times! Besides, his sound system icluded two gigantic loudspeakers that used to make our little terraced houses shake from the foundations. When asked to turn the volume down, he would propmtly enough, but, Bless him, it wasn’t always with my best smile that I’d get up in the early hours to knock on his door.
    What about intervening or not? I’ve always intervened in similar cases, domestic is no excuse for violence or for turning a blind eye as many battered wives know. I also always intervene, at least with a call to the police, because I cannot forget when I was attacked in daylight and outside houses and no one did anything at all until my attackers were well gone leaving me bruised and shocked on the pavement.
    What about myself? I’ve never been driven to anything like that but I have a feeling that, before I manage to retire, one of these days I will probably “attack” one of those awful people who, in a crowded train, don’t move an inch to make it easier for fellow commuters to board or those who “plague” you with their incessant and senseless yapping into their mobile phones! xx

    • April 20, 2010 / 12:22 PM

      You’re right it must be petrifying to be attacked at any time, but this was her hitting him and I kind of thought he’d be ok or he would walk away. The man being the stronger sex and all that.
      Sorry you ever had to go through that, must be one of every women’s nightmares.
      Commuter trains are a nightmare it’s true but I do hope I won’t be visiting you in jail after an attack of train rage dear Smith?? :)
      Good to hear from you xx

  3. Susie
    April 21, 2010 / 7:30 AM

    I would definitaly have called the police and I probably would have gone down there also and asked if everything was okay.

    • April 21, 2010 / 2:07 PM

      You are brave and yes that is a normal instinct only here in the Uk people have been known to have been beaten up for intervening, so now, people stay clear of trouble.
      Luckily our neighbours called the police though

  4. whatshappeningatmyhouse
    April 21, 2010 / 6:02 PM

    Wow. Scary stuff. I think I would have made it clear that I could see what was going on and maybe called out of the window to them, but yeah, it’s a difficult one, isn’t it. Defniitely wouldn’t have gone down there and tried to split them up!

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