The beauty of art

Writing workshopI have always loved beautiful things for as long as I can remember and living in Italy for so long opened up a Brand New World to me where everything is beautiful from the clothes, the architecture and the art.

It was here that my passion really came into being, wherever you go there is art to be seen and slowly slowly I started to buy books and read about artists, discover my personal favourites. At the time my younger brother was studying art and it was nice to chat to him and discover more from him.

On return trips to London I would visit the Tate to see the contemporary, the modern and the insane exhibitions alongside famous Dali, Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. I have a copy of this Dali in my hallway. What fascinates me about Dali is the more you look the more you see.

Ever stood in front of a Pollock Jackson and just wondered what was going through his mind?

What possessed Tracey Emin to exhibit her unmade bed as a work of art?

Our world is filled with thought provoking pieces and that’s part of the fun. I can hear my nan in the background ‘complete and utter rubbish!’ ‘That’s not art’ but she’s old school and she’s right, for her it isn’t art.

So Art is a skill I would love to learn and haven’t completely ruled out…yet. I am hopeless though. I see a picture in my mind and it’s breathtaking, perfect. My trouble is translating that idea onto canvas. It just doesn’t work, not even a simple cat or dog for the girls!

Maybe when I’m a pensioner and have plenty of time on my hands I can give it a real go in the meantime I look and buy others art. Here’s a few I have in my home.

I bought this one in Copenhagen, more for the place where it came from than the art itself I will admit. It’s an artist who lived and worked in Christiania, an area of the city where it was legal to take drugs and live like hippys. I think it’s since been closed down, however the artist was Leonard Olschansky.

This one I spotted as the artist, Elisabetta Schlegel, was putting the finishing touches to it in Malcesine, Lake Garda. I put down €50 and told her I’d collect it still wet at the end of the day and pay the balance. I did and I love it just as much today.

I’ve linked it to her website where you can see more recent canvases.

And this is one I love and inspire to have sometime in the future. The artist is Eelus and I only know of him thanks to my little brother and his girlfriend who are huge fans. This picture for me is of dreams and being swept away. It’s title is High hopes and for other examples of his brilliant work go and treat yourself to a quick peak here

So there you have it, I would love to be able to paint something as beautiful as this…

This post is part of Josie’s writing workshop I used prompt 3. What new skill would you love to learn. Nip over and read some of the other entries in the popular workshop.

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