Update on the house move…

Our house went on the market back in Oct – the 16th to be precise, so after three months and only a handful of viewings it’s time to review the situation.

Andy, the manager at RMJ has advised lowering the price by £10.000. We said originally that we’d hold out till the end of Jan hoping that the market would pick up in our favour but now we see other properties on the market for a similar price in a better location and with larger gardens too so time to make that difficult decision.

Other Half wants to lower as of Monday to £2,500 but I think that’s not going to gain anything. In order to attract a new audience we need to lower by £5k to be in a lower search bracket. I can’t convince him otherwise so this is going to be our plan of action for a while.

As for the house we originally put an offer on we are ever more inclined to withdraw it and search for a house about £20k less, allowing us to not be so crippled by a steep mortgage for the next 15 years.

Will keep you posted, I just wish we could lower and get it sold, I’m tired now of hanging around and drained by the emotion and ‘fingers crossed’ that goes with every viewing only to be followed by such disappointment.

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