Swine flu jabs for the under 5’s

I have been sent appointments for my 18 month twin girls to have their Norovirus Vaccines on Wednesday 20th Jan and ever since opening the letter I have been in a turmoil…do them or not?

Of course the final decision is left to the parents it is merely offered by the state as a precaution. Now I have heard accounts of children suffering terribly from this particularly nasty strain of flu and I have also read articles saying some children have had such a mild attack that they weren’t even aware they’d had it.

Which brings me to the point… have my girls already had it? We did have a dreadful December, from the 4th onwards we didn’t get a decent night’s sleep till the 25th quite ruining the exciting run up to Christmas. Was that teething,  a bad cold or Swine Flu?

Even the media seem to have changed their opinion, whereas at the beginning we were counting cases by the day and experts were drumming up statistics at one point reaching 50, 000 new cases per week, I was expecting ‘The End Of The World” and should someone sneeze in public, was it the case to run for shelter and desperately sanitise EVERYTHING?

Even a recent report on the BBC mentioned how it had been hyped up and overdone and the flu is quietly petering out.

On the other hand, will it make a major come back once the temperatures start to rise? Is there a mean and nasty bug  just waiting out there and I will kick myself for not having done it? I think that would be worse.

Mums are worried about the lack of tests done on this vaccine and therefore choosing not to go ahead and have their children injected but surely it’s a flu jab? Like those our OAP’s have been having for years? If it was dangerous they wouldn’t offer it to our children. Right?

Basically from what I can gather from my Facebook status update requesting opinions from my friends, those mums who have had the virus themselves or in their family are shouting out, Yes – have it done. Whereas those who have had no threat aren’t bothering.

I think finally Dr Hilary on GMTV has given the nod to it being the wise thing to do and so has Dr Rosemary on BBC breakfast, so that kind of sways me towards the yes, have it done argument.

What are you doing about it?


  1. January 21, 2010 / 4:42 PM

    Still undecided yesterday, I hadn’t cancelled the appointments but Bessie was/is feeling very under the weather so I have postponed the appointments until next week stalling for time.
    The dilemma…
    1. If I do go ahead with the jabs will they suffer side effects later on in life
    2. If I don’t allow them to have their jabs, will I regret it later on in the year should there be a flare up of swine flu?

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