Twins 9 weeks old – a twin baby diary

Twins baby diary

9 weeks 1 day

The girls had their injections on Tuesday, we walked round to the doctors’ as the weather is being kind and they were fine. They screamed with the actual injection but were quickly quietened and then Alice fell asleep in the buggy whilst Bessie grumbled all the way home, poor mite.

Anyway, I didn’t need to use any Calpol as they slept and ate for the rest of the day.

Wednesday we went out in the buggy for a 40-minute walk.

twins in the buggy

Thursday we joined our local twins club, I met a couple of mums, one lives very close to me and her twins are 2 1/2 and another whose twins are 5 1/2 months. It was really nice and we talked for ages.

I used their bargain Primark sleep pods the other night but Paul says it’s still too hot, so last night I didn’t use them and again Alice woke with the sniffles having just got rid of them. Not only that but having drunk a whole 5oz bottle when I picked her up to wind her she brought the whole lot up which is annoying and always frightens me.

Twins - bottle feeding

On the plus side, yesterday afternoon/evening, the girls were very demanding and wanted feeding every couple of hours and only taking a couple of ounces at a time. I was getting pretty cheesed off with it, I wanted them to drink a whole bottle and then rest but no, they had other plans. I finally put them down exhausted (me not them) at around 9 pm and went to bed shortly after. Well, I woke at 5.30 and they were still sleeping! I checked to see they were breathing and they were, I couldn’t sleep properly after this as I just kept thinking they’ll be starving when they wake. They did wake at 6 ish. Bessie downed 5 ozs and went back to sleep and Alice did too.

My 1st decent night’s sleep.

We’re off for a weigh-in this morning, I also hope to go out this afternoon for a walk and on Sunday we’re going to our nephew’s christening. I’ve just ordered something from Next Directory as it will arrive tomorrow, I’m also off to the hair dressers tomorrow.

Brand new Mari – I’m thinking fringe and layers – lots of them.

I bought the most fabulous pair of boots from River Island last week. A spur of the moment buy, persuaded by Megan who was on a major birthday spend. They’re yellow and reach half way up the calf, a sort of cross between a cowboy boot and a funky boot but I am now panged with guilt. Did I really need them? Should I take them back?

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