12 Jun 2007 – 40 and positive

Life is flying by and I am getting less and less time to spend on BW which is a shame but doesn’t mean I’m not thinking of you all!
CD10 and today I have a follow up apt (after last mc) with the cons at the hosp, I want to ask if it’s worth me carrying on trying. Hard one to answer I know, but can they check the quality of my eggs? Can they give me some sort of guarantee or at least assistance in this?
I am so frightened of falling pg again and yet it’s what I want most. I don’t have time to play with ie I can’t shelve this wish for a couple of years and re try so I have to speak to someone in the know.
Who knows what they’ll come back with? I bet they say something very unhelpful like ‘It’s one of those things’ or ‘we just don’t know’ anyway worth a try. Fingers Crossed.
On a happier note, I have had a job interview (yesterday) in my home town for a job in publishing moving away from tourism. I went for this job for various reasons, one the commuting which is really getting me down now, two, I’m bored of my job and there is no growth or movement here. It’s a dead end job and three my DD who’s now living with us and needs a close eye kept on her at this difficult age.
Anyway, I was asked back for a 2nd int tomorrow! wow, that came around quickly and I have a feeling that change is in the air. I’m excited and nervous at the same time but would love to get closer to home. Even for our baby project it would be better. I do feel guilty though going for a new job knowing I am ttc and could therefore leave them in the lurch, on the other hand I can’t keep waiting around in this position hoping to have a successful pg. It does my head in every time coming back to work when I had already planned out my maternity. And I’ve already been asking myself the possibility of getting on BW in working hours and I haven’t even got the job yet!!!
I have been busy packing suitcases, we’re off to Florida on Friday for 2 weeks and I CAN’T WAIT!!!
DD will be going to Sardegna with my nan to stay with my mum, she initially told us she was going back to Italy this summer to work in her dad’s hotel. So we booked up our holiday and then she came back from a half term break and changed her mind! But she’s happy to beach it for 2 weeks so hey problem solved. (God it’s a busy life)
I will try to get on the boards but may not have the time so my love to you all and I look forward to reading you all when I get back…in case you won’t recognise me….I’ll be the beautifully tanned one… :-)


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