07 Apr 2007 – 40 and positive

I’m still using this diary and think I may continue with it too.
Laala, I can’t think of a new title and don’t want to make that mistake again LOL!
You know I still can’t believe it (that I’m pg) only when I get waves of nausea or feel ever so tired, but other than that it seems too good to be true.
I have asked Paul not to tell anyone as I just don’t need that added pressure at the moment. I’m still not 100% convinced it’ll be OK yet.
Having said that, we went to dinner with Dave and Wendy last night (SIL + BIL)and told them the news as big give away – I had no wine or pre dinner drink.
Wendy said she’d wondered…anyway we have sworn them to silence, she doesn’t come on BW (although I’ve tried to convince her many a time) so I shall have to keep her in touch by txt and tel.
I have also told my daughter Megan – again, she’s very happy for us and promises to be quiet about it. I decided to let her in as living so closely she’s bound to start wondering and seeing as I insist on complette honesty from her part it ponly seemed right.
Worry – She has her friend over from Italy who is a couple of years older but I’ve known her since she was in a pram and know her family well. Well the girls went to the local last night ‘The George’ and have met up with a group of people aged 18 up. she’s taken a shine to Scott. Now I don’t know Scott and we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt but up until now I haven’t really liked the look of the youngsters up there adn I am so dead worried she’ll get in with the wrong crowd.
Now there was nice young David a sixth former from her school who was txting and calling but NO, bless him he’s out of the window and now it’s Scott.
All I know is – his hair is very short (is he a skinhead???) he was wearing tracky bottoms (I asked if he had loads of gold on him she said no, phew!) He’s 18 and apparently wants to go to college (this is good) and lives with his parents (wthis is also good)
Oh help me, I mentioned that Paul and I might come up form a drink tonight but this didn’t go down well at all. I got the
@Why can’t you just trust me?’
But I do, it’s just I don’t want her to make a mistake or get hurt or get in with the wrong crowd.
Enjoy your babies while they are young as as they get older it’s just a huge worry
Happy Easter everyone xxx


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