29 Jan 2007 – 40 and positive

My God I feel physically dreadful but I don’t think it’s necessarily the mc as my bones and muscles ache (a bit too much like flu if you ask me) Just what I needed as we’re supposed to be going skiing on Weds!!! ggggrrrrrr!

Mc seems to have come on quite well over the weekend, maybe helped by the quite a few glasses of wine I downed at Liam’s brithday party (what the heck eh?) but again today has slowed down again. I shall be interested to see the results of the scan tomorrow as hopefully I can put my mind at rest a bit.

I was so sad to see Susie Caputo has also suffered a loss, that makes quite a few of us from the August board. Big hugs Susie. xx

I had a text a while ago saying…Hi r u free 4 an hour on sat 17th at 1.15? from K.
Well of course I am and I replied so saying ‘I’m dead curious now…’ She’s booked me a reflexology session, WOW, I meant to ask her on Sat but forgot to and she must have read my mind. I’m so excited, I’ve heard so many people rave about them. You never know I might come out sane again??? Or would that be asking too much?
BIG big thank you to Mikaela xx

Goodness I saw Tom (Jojo’s little man) on Sat too, I haven’t seen him for a few months as when we go he’s usually in bed (much to his parents delight!) He has grown so much, after a while I had to hand him back as he’s quite a heavy lad tbh! Absolutely gorgeous too.
Oh and Pauly and me had our birthday cake yesterday afternoon and it was really good, well done K, you’ve excelled yourself
Big hugs to Abbie – you’re always on my mind hun. xx


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