04 Jan 2007 – 40, fabulous and pregnant!

God I hate that title, it’s going to bug me till the end I suppose!
6+4 – 234 days to go
Another sick day today, and I haven’t been out of the house. I have noticed that a house nearby has had their front door open ALL morning. weirdest thing is it was all day yesterday too.
Now I could go and close it for them but they might think I’m interfering, or worse they might take my finger prints and accuse me of breaking in!
is this highly imaginative mind thanks to pg I wonder? anyway, I’m not shutting their door, I don’t even know who lives ther.
Back to pg, apart from sneezing and coughing for Britain I’m on a high today, I sahll most likely go in tomorrow as the worst is over. I have been bringing up a hell of a lot of flem probably goes back to my smoking days. I gave up nearly 4 yrs ago now.
Post on Aug 07 board today was about Stem Cells, I’ve seen more and more about it and wanted to find out if anyone has done it or is thinking of doing it but not much feedback yet.
I’m going to take some decs down today, sad moment but Christmas really has been and gone, next big day is Valentines – another of my favourites.
A photo of Christmas day all the family



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