29 Dec 2006 – 40, fabulous and pregnant!

Feeling a little better today. have been to see the doc and he explained thoroughly the WI. I’m to do another test 2 days after I finsh the course.
He found all the cons notes on the PC and there was no mention of a 7 week scan. I must have misheard. Anyway, we have decided to go private at Kent Medical Imaging. A viablitly scan costs £50 and hopefully by doing this it will put my mind at rest.
I didn’t sleep very well at all last night worrying that I was going to be mcing all over again and so looking forward to a nice early night much to the disappoiontment of DP.
I have another 3 days off work to enjoy and then I have promised myself to take it really easy so if I don’t fel weel I’ll call a sickie. I am determined to see this pg through to the end of 40 weeks.


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