28 Dec 2006 – 40, fabulous and pregnant!

This morning I had to take my nan to the hospital for a hearing aid apt, so whilst there I popped over to the scan desk to find out when my early scan had been booked adn they told me 30th Jan!! I’ll be 10 weeks by then…
I explained that the cons had promised me back in Oct at our apt for the postmortem results a much closer care this time round but their answer was if I bring the scan forward I would then not have another scan until 20 weeks!!!
So I went to see her secretary Penny to see if she would have more luck. No, she called abck to giv e me the same info and I’m totally cheesed off. I was obviously fobbed off in Oct with empty promises and now will have to follow my own pg again.
Also the surgery called to tell me I have a water infection and I have now antibiotics to take Amoxicillin 3 x 5 days. My last pg was riddled with water infections and ended badly and this just seems to be happening all over again.
I’m not a happy bunny today. I am seriously considering going privately to Fawkham Manor just to have a good check up and feel as if people do care about how my pg is progressing.
I will not lose this baby thanks to poor NHS services and dumb staff. It makes me so angry.
Kids go back tomorrow, that’s always sad for me as I know it’ll be another month before I see them again.


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