15 Nov 2006 – 40 and positive

12 DPO CD 28
BUT FF says I should be DPO 13!!! Now that changes things a bit doesn’t it.
How am I feeling?
Well, at mo’ I’m fine, no nausea, no sore boobs, no metallic taste but yesterday I did feel as if my uterus was an iron ball. It felt tight and I thought ahhh she’s on her way again. whilst ironing last night I did feel damp all of a sudden and expecting the worse rushed to the loo, but it wasn’t.
Boobs seem just a little bit bigger then usual adn belly is big but that’s the norm for me pre AF.
TMI alert – Usually the days preceeding AF I don’t pooh, it happens on CD 1 (lovely) well I just had a lovely big pooh girls (I did warn you TMI before hand)which is out of the norm for me adn makes me hopeful.
Shall I or Shan’t I test thread. 5 girls said yes, 1 said no 11 wished good luck and didn’t express a view.
I’ve told everyone I’m not testing till Friday then sound quite a VIP as I’m dashing to Stansted to fly to Italy to see my kids on a 11 am flight.
Have promised to post from the airport as know there are some PC’s there. Note to self – jot down password and username in diary
Last month 2 days before AF had a EWCM with a light brown tinge to it, day after CM was orangey pinky in colour. Today so far so good
Sneeky peek at book again this morning says – Transformation from a Blastocyst to an embryo shaped like a tear drop aaahhhh.


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