14 Nov 2006 – 40 and positive

11DPO CD 27
Every twinge tweak or movement leads me to think AF is on her way. Of course my legs and back are killing me after our mega hike around Bewl Water on Sunday which doesn’t help as I don’t know if the back pain is from that or oncoming AF!!!
Dead tired last night, fell asleep on DP watching Jungle. Before I dropped off I laughed at David Gest snoring so loud then woke myself up a bit later snoring (I must have been lying on DP in a funny position of course!)
He’s very keyed in to me at mo’ asking for all symptoms, feelings and pointing out that my belly is big (wish he wouldn’t do that) Makes me worry because he’ll be so disappointed if AF arrives.
Have big positive moments when I think ‘Of course you’re pg’ and then others when I think it’ll never happen again. Grrrr!
Sneekily read in my book that on DPO 11, egg is completely implanted and has divided into 2 cavities, one will become embryo the other his digestive track. There is already a spinal cord, the start of an umbilical cord and placenta. Amazing. fingers crossed xx
Wow K is already 9 weeks – amazing how time flies. Can’t wait to see the photos later hun!


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