05 Nov 2006 – 40 and positive

CD18 – DPO 2?
will post on T$AB to find out how they count DPO’s so I can be more specific.
Have a stinker of a cold, runny nose, sore throat and heavy head feeling. Am at work which is a pain but it does mean I get 2 days off in Loue/liew/loo so that’ll be nice.
Busy week at work which I am hoping will take my mind off the 2ww (fat chance!)I have already dreamt of baby which is quite scary becuase if I’m not pg I shall fall harder than last month which was a nasty bump.
Just in case only had 1 glass of wine last night and sipped it really slowly so it lasted for ages.
I keep thinking to myself – if I am pregnant this will be my last WTM (travel exhibition – work) adn that makes me very happy.
My two lovelies should be back home from Mexico today, I know Megan will want to show me her photos and I’m dreading it. The things we have to do
DP has called he’s gone for a 15 mile hike today..almost pleased I came into work! I shan’t be home till 9ish tonight and then I’ll probably be cream crackered, so roll on next weekend when we can relax together.
PS If you followed my visualization of the comfy womb the other day, I have decided to add a big bit of velcro to the ‘egg cushion’ so it sticks properly! Nice idea eh? Quite proud of myself for that.
Oh, and my brain has gone into overtime with regards to my Secret Santa – my girl has asked for a BFP (haven’t we all) so I’m rustling up some Xmas magic for her along with her pressie which I hope she likes as I do…he he he no sorry ho ho ho!
Photo of my Tommy and DP last year on the slopes. DP beginner, DS snowboarder



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