03 Nov 2006 – 40 and positive

I got my smiley!!!!
At 6am this morning and that was after taking my temp which had shot up to 36.1 – what a brilliant start to the day!
We did bd last night adn first attempt was unsuccessful. We are now ‘programmed’ into ‘doning it’ and it’s taken something important out of our bding :-( I also find I am a lot ‘wetter’ around ov whihc doesn’t help matters.
Anyway we gave it another bash just before turning the lights out and were successful. DP told me he dioes feel pressured a little – not from me but fomr the fact that we have our window and the deed needs doing.
anyway, hopefully if the egg should come today there are somw swimmers already around.
We do want to bd again tonight, dp won’t be taking any drugs for his bad flu (dead tired last night and probs at work!) and is limiting himself to 2 pints at lunch. For anyone who knows my dp this is an enormous step as he’s usuaully the 10 pint Friday man. NOt any more….
Am on quite a high today just praying that we catch her.
fingers crossed everyone – here’s a lovely piccy of conception I found for my blog and will add here…



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