01 Nov 2006 – 40 and positive

No bd last night as DP feeling very under the weather, poor thing. We were in bed by 10.15 which is fine by me as I love a good catch up every now and then.
Still no + OPK, maybe tomorrow or the day after. Am beginning to worry that maybe I don’t ov after all but then how did I get pg back in March?
Had a funny dull pain to left side of abdomen coming into work on the coach this morning – hopefully a sign of ov. Last month I was in Italy and had a dream.
The inside of both thighs from top to knee had like big scabby spots which were quite high, one on my right leg exploded and a lot of juice came out. I took this to be a sign of ov but no BFP at end of cycle. I had also dreamt of full healthy ovaries a couple of days before. So we’ll see.
CM is creamy, temp this morning 35.9 – chartered on ff who has given me a green light at last.
Fingers crossed. I must admit I’ve had a look at an August due group already which is a littl ehasty but couldn’t resist!
Photo of me and my niece Rosie 7 and nephew Billy 3.



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