Trying to conceive and over 40: 30/10/06 (Babyworld diaries)

Where has the day gone?

I hate Mondays in the office, this is the busiest time of year for us as next week we have a huge exhibition at Excel and work for months to try and make it the best yet.
All I keep on thinking is I hope this is my last and next year I’ll be at home cuddling a baby and ‘doing lunch’ with other mums.
Anyway, nice relaxing weekend, loads of bding and I have been reading Zita West’s book Getting Pregnant.

Here are some of the tips I have gathered so far
1. Eat a teaspoon of honey a day -mmmm.
2. Drink Green tea – not bad, can do.
3. Take vitamin supplements – have been for ages now.
4. Bd like a good un :-))))
5. No alcohol (only 4 units this weekend)
6. Visualisation – get this…

Well, Zita says you have to visualise your uterus as a fertile garden. So I sit back and think of this paradise with flowers growing, birds cheeping, sun shining and I probably have a smile on my face as DP asks – what are you thinking about?
Well if I tell him the truth he’ll think I’m completely nuts so I say, ‘Oh nothing, I’m just happy’.

Then Zita says you have to visualise healthy eggs. Well, I have chosen M&S Easter eggs range and mine are coloured, sugar-coated, chocolate ones in a basket looking really tasty and very healthy.
Then Zita says to imagine your womb to be welcoming… so mine is a rich warm red, with a plump comfy cushion that has ‘Welcome’ embroidered on it in gold. With gold fringes and tassels on the corners. An Egg just couldn’t resist I’m sure.

I have completed my 3rd OPK test, still no + result yet but only CD12 so not too concerned YET.

I’ve been keeping an eye on my CM and think that’s all in order. I got a bit worried at one point that I didn’t have enough but poo-pooed the idea as being silly.


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