Trying to conceive and over 40: 27/10/06 (Babyworld diaries)

Thank God it’s Friday, this has been a really long week for me, too much thinking that’s for sure!

I posted on T4AB asking advice about the OPKs and replies came back that I should start trying tomorrow for the lines. fingers crossed.

We have a very quiet weekend ahead, our only plans are to babysit for DP’s brother.

We shall be at it all weekend, Zita says that sperm stays alive for 24 – 48 hours so it makes sense that the more sex you have the better your chances are of getting pregnant.

Just the flashing adverts to the right (of babyworld screen) are making me more and more anxious to get pg asap. Grrrr.

So I am saying a prayer to every God, saint and angel (especially mine x) to catch the egg.
Wish on a star
Wish on a snapped chicken wishing bone
Wish on a fallen eyelash
Wish on my Irish wishing stone
Wish, wish, wish, wish, wish.
Oh and mustn’t forget St Therese – The little flower – wish on her too.

My petition:-
Dear St Therese, Please help me get pregnant, have a safe pregnancy and a beautiful, healthy baby at the end. I promise to look after him/her all my life and teach him/her to be good and loving and to understand Jesus, his life and his teachings. I really do want a baby. I deeply miss the little girl I lost in July when I was 21 weeks pregnant. Please give her a kiss from me and tell her I wish she was here with me and her daddy, that we love her and hope she is in a happy place thank you.
United Kingdom
– Friday, October 27, 2006 at 8:44AM


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