Should people be proud of their jobs?

This morning after the school run I had to go to the post office to post a few letters. I arrived early and the post office doesn’t open until 9am so I stood patiently behind  two other customers already in the queue.

We stood for some time waiting and at 9 am on the [...]

Back to work – what’s your curriculum vitae looking like?

Numbers of unemployment in the UK now stand at 2.51 million the recent rise in the three months to July this year being the largest increase in the last two years. In fact the BBC graph shows figures haven’t been so high since 1994.

Youth unemployment rose from 78,000 to 973,000, the total [...]

My Best Job of all time

The best job I ever had was with the people you can see here in the photo and it has to be said they are the loveliest people to work with.

This job was my lifeline out of Italy and back to the UK. It was the job where everything started to fall into [...]