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HAPE guitar red

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I would say that Great Britain is one of the best countries in the world for making music and writing songs, would you agree?

We have been at the forefront of excellent song writers and musicians for over 50 years, think of what The Beatles and The Rolling [...]

General hospital by Pintoy

Pintoy hospital john crane

The last toy to bring to your attention just in time for Christmas is the Pintoy General Hospital from the John Crane collection.

It comes half flat packed in a box with just the second, smaller building which needs constructing and takes 5 minutes maximum.

Painted in vibrant, bright colours with a moving lift [...]

Wooden toy fire engine – John Crane

wooden toy fire engine - Pintoy - John Crane

One of John Crane’s most popular toys is their fire engine and I have been sent one to review for Mari’s World.

I can say straight off I love it and it has been made to the usual very high standards that John Crane demands. No rough edges and very interactive, this fire engine [...]

Top 12 kids Christmas gift ideas – ALL ages

Big ben - ravensburger 3D puzzle

Bananas in Pyjamas

Bananas in Pyjamas have proven to be a roaring success with children as they appeal to the ‘making mistakes’ crew where it’s seen that all turns out well in the end.  The soft and cuddly B1 and B2 talking soft toy. Squeeze the characters’ tummy to hear one of five fun [...]

John Crane Toys

Sevi village

I’ve been working with John Crane now for over a year and know just how good their toys are. I’ve met some members of staff and know how much they all care about their products. A lot of time and thought goes into making sure their products are of top quality and desirable for [...]

Animags Wild Animals – John Crane

animags wild animals

It’s toy box time again and this week John Crane are proposing a 21 piece game called Animags Wild Animals.

A collection of 6 wild animals made out of wood and brightly painted plus three bushes to create a jungle environment. Each animal is divided into three pieces which fit one on top of [...]

Doll’s pushchair stroller by John Crane

doll stroller doll pushchair

Most little girls like to play ‘mummy’ at some point in their childhood, some more than others and some not at all but there again I have seen many a happy little boy cuddle a doll and rock him/her to sleep or take care of him as only a good parent can.

All good [...]

Safari Floor Dominoes by John Crane

safari floor dominoes - john crane toys

This is what I’d call an old fashioned game, it’s one that I remember from my own childhood and one that’s never gone out of fashion. Dominoes. It’s a brilliant game to teach children turn taking, losing and winning, strategy, thinking ahead and of course numbers and matching images.

The John Crane Safari Floor [...]

Breakfast Tray by Sevi

Sevi breakfast tray wooden toy

When John Crane included in their last review package a Sevi Breakfast Tray with eggs and bacon I smiled, what a brilliant idea to teach children to prepare a breakfast tray.

Plus it’s a beautiful wooden toy made by the fabulous Italian company Sevi which encourages role play and conversation.

If there’s one thing [...]

Moo and Baa Tack Zap – HABA review

Moo and Baa Tack Zap HABA

I went to Italy this weekend and as I had quite a few toys to review I thought it only fair to let my granddaughter Gracey have a go with them.

The Moo and Baa Tack Zap made by HABA is a craft kit aimed at children 3 years and up. It consists of [...]