The week that was 365/6

bridal make up

It’s still been very cold this week , it even snowed in some parts of the UK but there’s a hint of spring in the air. Maybe it’s just the slightly longer days, arriving home from school and still having enough light to play in the garden for a while, or maybe the shoots [...]

Tex Mex grill steaks and spicy sweet potato wedges

tex mex grill steaks and spicy sweet potato wedges

Scroll down for the Tex Mex grill steak and spicy sweet potato wedges recipes

So my WeightWatchers efforts are beginning to show, it’s slow but I do cheat occasionally. I find the weekends are hardest for me as it’s the time of relax, of wine and chocolate and that’s when my points kind [...]

WeightWatchers tried and tested recipes

tiger prawn wrap

I’m a few weeks into my WeightWatchers program now and am starting to get the hang of it….sort of.

I blame my scales, the battery is probably on the way out plus it doesn’t show ounces so by declaring 10st 7lbs for a fortnight – meaning no loss – but there could have been [...]

The week that was 365/4

banoffee pie

Yay, it snowed and how much fun did we have – a ton although our snowfall was only a couple of cms. Luckily our back garden is on a slope which at this time of year makes the perfect sledge run – see the tracks in the top photo?

We’ve all been ill this [...]

Beef and onion braise – WeightWatchers recipe 7 Propoints

beef and onion braise

I promise my next task will be to improve my food photography and place the food rather than ‘dish it up’

Having shown the photo of my Beef and Onion braise on the Week that was I thought I’d share the recipe with you as it’s a WeightWatchers recipe book from [...]

The week that was 365/3

Little Hermitage - Ivory room

I’m actually amazed that I have a photo for each day for 3 weeks on the trot now but this has been a jam packed week and the wedding has featured LOTS. It’s nice to look back on a week and still get a thrill from the things you have done isn’t it? Here’s [...]