Couch to …err 24 miles in 19 days – Sport Relief #TeamHonk

gravesend - southend cycling route

Yes you read that right and yes I will forgive you if you burst out laughing, the thought alone makes me burst out laughing, only my laughs verge on the hysterical.

Remember last year for my hen do I climbed Snowdon with a group of nutters who go by the name of [...]

Climbing Snowdon with Team Honk

Snowdon Sign

On the 2nd March I climbed Snowdon with Team Honk and I vlogged the memory too. I am so glad I did as I now have a better perspective of just how difficult that climb was! Meet my TeamHonk climbing companions and enjoy the spectacular views.

One big thank you to everyone who [...]

Climb every mountain!

snowdon summit

What a fabulous, marvellous, amazing, awesome experience I have just had, it will easily go down in my best evers.

I climbed Snowdon

The culprits of this expedition are #TeamHonk who I’ve been talking about now for a good few weeks. They sent me a postcard from Ghana and their latest hairbrain was to [...]

The week that was 365/9

red nose for teamhonk

Another CRAZY week peeps. Last week I left you with cakes, daffodils and pretty pictures of lakes and sunsets. THIS week is another kettle of fish.

We ‘re taking it from Friday night as that was the biggie, my Hag party, why a hag? (hen/stag – kindly dreamt up by Jean) This is a [...]

Climbing Snowdon – 2nd March 2013 #TeamHonk

#TeamHonk - Marianne

It seems really strange writing that, after all I should be our getting trashed with the mums on a jolly good hen night instead this #TeamHonk opportunity came my way and I snatched it with both hands.

You wouldn’t think so if you knew me BUT I do like walking and the last walk [...]

Climbing Snowdon for Comic Relief with #TeamHonk

Penny Alexander about to break bread

The 2nd March had been marked off on the calendar for quite a while, Mari’s Hen Party. With the school mums, the twin mums a few long standing friends and my sister in law to be we were going to hit the giddy heights of our local town, eat Italian and crawl the [...]

The week that was 365/6

bridal make up

It’s still been very cold this week , it even snowed in some parts of the UK but there’s a hint of spring in the air. Maybe it’s just the slightly longer days, arriving home from school and still having enough light to play in the garden for a while, or maybe the shoots [...]

My #TeamHonk postcard from Ghana!

Vaccine project Ghana #teamhonk


Three fabulous bloggers, Mummy Barrow, Mammasaurus and Alexander Residence set off for Ghana on a mission to spread the word about Red Nose Day and the excellent work that Comic Relief has achieved over the past 25 years. Yes! It’s the special 25th anniversary and whilst they were visiting the projects, back in [...]

#TeamHonk #Goodwork celebrates 25 years of Comic Relief

Three amazing ladies are packing suitcases as I write and are about to go on an incredibly exciting mission.

They are off to Ghana for Comic Relief and Red Nose day to check with their own eyes the #goodwork that has been done so far thanks to YOUR continued generous donations.

Tanya Barrow, Annie [...]