Team Honk are on the lookout for dancers this year and I, in a moment of Strictly Come Dancing folly, signed up! I saw the words Team Honk of which I am member and didn’t think twice about adding my support to their worthy cause although now I think about it, maybe I should have stopped and thought.

You may remember I trekked up Snowdon with them in red pants and yes it was a kind of hen party. I wore a pink sash and red knickers all the way up and all the way down. Here we are throwing our knickers in the air. March 2013 Comic Relief.

Team Honk Snowdon 2013

Then the next year I, who hates cycling, cycled over to Southend taking with me the Team Honk baton single handed wearing the classic Essex trademark of white heels for Sport Relief.

And now we’re back to Comic Relief and the idea is we dance for 6 hours on stop at Wembley Stadium. I told you I should have thought about it. Forgive me if I can’t see the funny side of this, mind you what was funny about trekking Snowdon come to think of it.

NEVER MIND as it’s all for an extremely good cause, a #lastingchange

Team Honk #LastingChange

‘Thanks to this project supported by Comic Relief I now know I have a right to education’ Shamera, age 14 #lastingchange

There was one small snag however and that was the £150 sponsorship, it had me worrying. I hate asking everyone for money but I need to secure £150 in order to stake my plot on the dance floor.

Betfair have come to the rescue, they are covering my sponsorship fee which means I can skip, hop and jump all the way to Wembley on the 8th March International Woman’s Day which is such a nice coincidence seeing as I’ll be jigging with a stadium full of gals.

You can come too

This isn’t all about me because EVERYONE is invited to take part and if you and your friends want to dance non stop for 6 hours with music and trainer changing every half an hour then sign up and come along. Follow the instructions here carefully to sign up to the Danceathon and join the TEAM HONK team giving page and Facebook group

Sponsor me!!

Don’t fancy dancing but want to do your bit? The PLEASE head over to my Just Giving Page which is part of the collective Team Honk and sponsor me. I’d love to contribute as much as I can  and every little helps and goes a long way too.

My favourite dancing tune

Allow me to leave you with my favourite get up and dance tune of all time and I hope to see you at Wembley Stadium on the 8th and if you can please sponsor me

Disclosure: I’m joining Team Honk at the Red Nose Day Danceathon. Betfair kindly kickstarted my sponsorship on my giving page.

Good morning world – today is MY #teamhonkrelay day and I warn everyone who follows me on any social media channel that I will be as busy as possible sharing moments of my cycle ride from Stanford le Hope through to Southend on Sea.

Please bare with me as it’s all for a fabulous cause and I only have one day to Do. My. Bit.

team honk t shirt

Sport Relief 2014

This is my tiny part in a baton relay going from Land’s End to John O’Groats in Scotland with over 200 bloggers taking part all over the UK. I am cycling 17 miles from Stanford Le Hope 11 am to Southend – hopefully – 1pm arrival, ish.

Yesterday I collected the Team Honk baton from Faded Seaside Mamma at the Gravesend Cyclopark

team honk baton

Here is my Sponsor link if you’d like to Gravesend Team Honk

£10 enables an older person in the UK who just lost someone they love attend a group activity #teamhonkrelay 

£1 can provide a hot meal for a child in theUK living in extreme poverty.Please sponsor? #teamhonkrelay

team honk baton


Thank You

I have some very special people to thank who have helped me on my rocky journey

Karl Seager – for your invaluable tips on cycling and faith that I could do this.

Mike Young – for checking my route for me and directing me away from too many hills.

Hayley Lou – for her genius costume ideas for my ride, sadly eBay didn’t make it in time so I’m tutuless

Tommy Smith – for pimping my Sport Relief t shirt from his sign writing business TS Signs

Paul, Alice and Bessie for supporting me all along and encouraging me to get out on my bike

Pauline and Leilah for getting me to the gym!

Wendy, Dave, Samuel and Jacob for meeting me at the pier, offering me a shower afterwards to freshen up AND a champion’s dinner

and lastly thank you to every single person who has sponsored me, every little helps me reach my £500 target THANK YOU

Wow already on to week 5 and the year has started to pass us by, it’s February!

WHAT a week, Saturday saw the arrival of a long attended date in my diary, the Choccywoccydoodah meet up where a group of bloggers had put their money together to book up a visit to the London Secret Room and boy was it worth it!

Liberty LondonJust to prove I’m not all chocolate ALL the time, I took these snaps of Liberty as I hurried on my way to the meeting point. I adore this building and have a look inside whenever I can, check out the ship on the top of the building and the beautiful flowers always outside the front door.

Sunday I was ill, I had the Bug and for the first time I remember I didn’t even get dressed but lounged in my pyjamas all day. This bug has been particularly difficult to shift, it has made me feel weak and tired all week, maybe I should have had that flu jab offered to me in October after all? One thing I did do is put our old table on eBay for sale, something I’m not used to doing and reverted to Facebook during the week for tips on how to sell. I did sell it for £40, I wish I’d got a bit more but hey ho, at least it’s out of the way now.

vintage table

Monday – kids back to school and I have a long To Do list to catch up on including all the housework and ironing – plus I’m not feeling 100% yet so something will not get done. Some fabulous products arrive in the post to review by Seascape, Alice’s lips are red and sore after feeling poorly, I encourage her to use the Peppermint lip balm and it goes down a treat. We all have a go and give it the thumbs up.

seascape peppermint lip balm

Tuesday – I choose a WeightWatchers recipe for Salmon and prawn bake from the Fresh and Easy book and it’s very easy to make, only 6 Propoints and delicious too, even husband-to-be gives it the thumbs up

salmon and prawn bake

Wednesday – This lack of energy is persisting, I feel absolutely washed out this week. I cancelled Zumba on Monday and now swimming today. I’m hoping to get some of my drive back soon and stop feeling so washed out. The girls are studying fairy tales at school and this week it’s the turn of the Gingerbread Men and they proudly come home with their gingerbread biscuits.

gingerbread men biscuits

Thursday – Freezing cold weather and lots of rain too makes for evenings spent at home in the warm. Alice really enjoys using her white board she got for Christmas and wrote her name across the top. I then prompted her to write some other 3 letter words easily sounded using the phonics system. Mum, Dad, ted, pot, cat, dog (not finished!)

learning to write

Friday – End of a long and tiring week. I cancelled Bocwa (exercise class) too today as I’m far too behind on everything this week and need to spend the day catching up. But Kate the Social Media for Britmums reminds me it’s #Rockupinred day for the British Heart Foundation so I change into as many red pieces of clothing I can find and take my photo which is then published to my Facebook page and my Twitter timeline.

rock up in red BHF

One last important message this week is for #TeamHonk, Tanya Barrow, Annie Spratt and Penny Alexander are off to Ghana for Comic Relief this week to show the #goodwork that is being done over there and report back to us. Please keep an eye out for it and help spread the good word.