back to school 2014

First day of Year 2


What are you looking forward to? To do writing, seeing my friends and meeting my new teacher.

What do you want to be when you grow up? A teacher

What’s your favourite game? Puzzles

Favourite film? Aladdin

Favourite princess? Anastasia and Jasmin

Favourite book? Frozen

Favourite song? – ummmmmm?


What are you looking forward to? My new classroom and finding which table I am sitting at. Seeing my friends.

What do you want to be when you grow up? A teacher

What’s your favourite game? Puzzles

What’s your favourite film? Beauty and the Beast

Who is your favourite princess? Aurora

What’s your favourite book? ummmmmmm

What’s your favourite song? Let it go!


Didn’t we have fun and yes there’s a huge part of me that is so sad it’s all over but there’s also another part of me that actually enjoys the first day back to school, I have always found it exciting. Seeing friends again after the long summer break, new bag, new pencil case and new teacher to get to know. There’s something scary and exciting about the whole September moment.

I recently wrote about my writing process in blog tour and it made me think lots. I feel as if I’m at a crossroad right now waiting for the ‘sign’ of where to turn next. But one thing I know for sure is I have been taking on way too much and need to step back a bit.

Looking back at my blogging journey I immediately recognised what used to be a weekly meet up for me, The Gallery on Sticky Fingers. Joining in this fun weekly photography prompt allowed me to meet and read lots of other blogs plus it encouraged me to get my camera out and have a go.

Some weeks my photos were simply just introductions to writing (and they were terrible) but the more blogs I visited the more I became inspired and the more I worked at my photography to try and get better.

The Gallery – first ever participation – Master of Good Ideas 2nd March 2010

Lots of writing and poor pictures of my beautiful chess set which incidentally is still in the loft.

chess set

But thumbing through all of my entries I smiled at this photo and it made me go awww. It’s not a good photo technically but it captured a moment that still makes me smile.

playing in mummy's shoes


And this one made me realise how grown up my girls are now, how time moves quickly and how I am so glad I kept a record of the important moments and the non-important ones like making snowballs when you’re 3.

twins playing in snow


beach huts westgate on sea

When I saw Tara’s prompt on Friday I wished I could have been in Dublin or London or a place where there are some really exciting doors but I was at the beach and of course there are lines and lines of beach huts along the promenade, each one decorated to reflect the owner’s personality.

I love looking at them and secretly wishing one was mine, I love to walk past them and peek inside. Beach hut owners go to great lengths to add a bit of ‘fun and home to make their day at the beach that little bit more special.

I haven’t yet managed to spot the Italians outside there’s yet, I wonder if they have an espresso machine in there?

beach huts

Along the other walk in the opposite direction are the council owned beach huts which can be rented for varying lengths of time. They may look the same on the outside but on a busy day when all the doors are open the insides once again different. Some with bunting, some with gas fired cookers, shelves, kettles, pictures on the walls and signs lots of ‘Beach Hut’ signs.

My last door photo for you isn’t new and It’s not even of the whole door but it is a very special door indeed. An exciting door, which hides a secret room in central London where you can eat chocolate until your heart is content.

choccywoccydoodah secret room

Nip over to Sticky fingers to find plenty more doors today

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

It’s been a very long time since I last joined in The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers and I’ve been meaning to join in for quite some time now but one thing and another, you know how it is, time flies and before you know it you’ve been out of the loop for EVER.

kiss cushion Emily Peacock

But Tara has set the theme to ‘I made it’ this week and it does give me the perfect excuse to showcase a gorgeous cross stitch Emily Peacock cushion that I completed last year and also show you my new project which I haven’t written about on Mari’s World yet. It’s another Emily Peacock kit, again it’s a cross stitch but bigger and different, her Mexican Tree of Life.

Mexican tree of life

I treated myself back around my birthday with money I was given and it will most likely take me about two years to complete it as it’s a project I pick up and put down as frequently as planes take off at Heathrow but I’m in no hurry. It’s a therapeutic pastime for me that I look forward to doing when I grab a few moments of me time.

What have you made recently? Nip over to Sticky Fingers to see what everyone else is busy making. Click on the image for tele-transportation.

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

Marianne and her boysI have two boys, my first born, Thomas born in 1988 and his son, my grandson, Evan born last year on the same day as my late father 30th January and has recently celebrated his 1st birthday.

They both live in Folgaria in Italy with Oana, his lovely partner and Tommy works in the family hotel Alpen Eghel sometimes in the kitchen sometimes at the bar and out of season doing maintenance to keep the hotel in tip top order. I am VERY proud of him and a word to all mums out there who may worry about their kids

Tommy was never academic, he hated school from the word go, his first exercise books were bubbled with his tears where he refused to do his homework and I had to get him to do it. WAR! We struggled the WHOLE of his school years and even the teachers at his Scuola Alberghiera (Hotel school) were pleased to see the back of him and took a huge sigh of relief as he walked out of their door for the last time. *sigh* there was nothing I could do to make him see that school was fun and a place of learning.

The joker of the class, in fact he has some great long lasting friends, always ready to make everyone laugh and make a fool of himself for that very reason my boy has turned out to be an upright man, a hard worker who is not afraid to one day be painting the hotel balconies to the next working alongside one of the top chefs in Trentino on long 15 hour days in the Christmas season.

My boys The Gallery

He’s an avid reader, he’s well spoken and bilingual, he’s very intelligent and has a vast general knowledge that touches on hundreds of topics I never knew he was interested in. His passions are kite surfing, kite surfing oh and kite surfing and above all his family who he cherishes and works damn hard for.

You got it didn’t you? I love him and am very proud of him

Evan – my newest boy, a little sweetheart who is as good as gold, easy to please, always smiling and you can’t take your eyes off him BUT with a MASSIVE temper should you get something wrong! The one time I babysat for him when his mum and dad took a rare day off to go to London, I made the dreadful mistake of offering some yogurt to him which he clearly didn’t want at that moment and he screamed the house down. What a temper! I ended up putting him in the car to quieten him and it worked, a drive around the streets soothed his bad mood, my frazzled brain and we were friends again but boy can that little man throw one!

However all that said – look at those eyes. You’d forgive him anything wouldn’t you? Pop over to Sticky Fingers to see fellow bloggers celebrating their boys today

the gallery photography sticky fingers

Telephone boxes LondonMonday 23rd July

We were invited up to London to see a screening of Mirror Mirror at the London Soho Hotel which has its own private cinema.

Charing Cross staion

I was born in London and lived there until my parents decided to move to surburbia to buy their own house in the 70’s along with many other Londoners but Nan stayed in Waterloo and the South Bank became our playground growing up. My uncle John, wasn’t the brightest spark in the box but he did know every bus route in London and many an afternoon we’d be hopping on and off buses with him as he took us all over town. I owe my knowledge of the streets of London to him.

Charing Cross monument

Yesterday our journey started at Charing Cross, did you know that the Charing Cross Monument is the primary of the central datum points for measuring distances from London?

Olympic signs in London

There were signs of the Olympics all over the place, bunting up, flags flying and Olympic mascots, Wenlock and Wenderville, sculpted and positioned all over town.

Leicester SquareI used to cross Leicester Square each morning on my walk from the station up to the Italian Tourist Board and I love what they’ve done in the revamp, brand new, sparkling gates, table tennis tables for people to play on but still the grass to sit on and the trees to provide shade.

Soho Hotel London


And then on to London Soho Hotel look at the entrance, this is the kind of place that has me in awe, everywhere you look there is something to capture your eye, a very clever use of colour, light, and bright bold fabrics and wallpaper designs.

Mirror Mirror

But I digress, the reason we were there was to see a screening of Mirror Mirror with Julia Roberts as the wicked witch and Lily Collins as Snow White, a brilliantly re-written version of the fairy tale classic where Snow actually does a lot of her own fighting, including saving the prince’s backside (literally) a couple of times too, a girl after my own heart.

Trafalgar Square London

Julia Roberts is Fan.Tas.Tic, her witch is sarcastic, vain, egocentric but so very, very witty too, so many jokes in there for parents accompanying the children, I laughed out loud loads of times especially during her beauty routine – hilarious.

Trafalgar Square

Preparations for the Olympics in a few days time

We came out of the film wishing it had continued longer – always the best sign of a good film and I was praying to get a copy in our goody bag but alas not. So I shall be first in the queue as it’s out now and trust me it’s fabulous, you’re going to love it – buy it.