Storing last years’ toys

Fran Swaine

For the kids, Christmas brings a batch of big shiny new toys to get excited about, often leaving last year’s toys to collect dust under the bed.

Yet those old favourites most likely still have a big place in your children’s hearts – so they are worth hanging onto just in case. [...]

Internal doors – will you paint mine for me?

Doors are, in my opinion, the worst thing to update when it comes to decorating.

I don’t know about you but I get all excited when I start out on my painting and decorating, I spur myself on with the image of how it’s going to be, I can already see the finished picture, [...]

Great ways to involve the kids this Mother’s Day

For most mums, the best way to spend Mother’s Day is catching up with the kids and having fun as a family. If you’re searching for fun ideas that you and the entire family will enjoy, take a look at these great ways to get the kids involved in celebrating your special day.

Fun [...]

Savings and Investments for Children

Child Savings and Investment Plans – it’s never too early to start saving or investing!

In an uncertain economic climate more and more parents are taking steps to ensure their children are given extra financial protection. As your children grow, your family will face expenses both expected and unexpected, from school [...]

How to create a perfect modern-day nursery

It is interesting to see how interior design trends have changed in the world of nursery furniture. Not long ago nurseries were awash with either pink or blue pastels and festooned with predictable bows and princesses or racing cars.  Not anymore.

New design trends in baby nurseries and nursery furniture favour more neutral and [...]

0 – 12 months – making it special

The first year of your baby’s life is a special time that you will remember forever, so here are a few tips to make that time as easy and enjoyable as possible for both of you, whilst still providing the stimulation and love that your child needs.

Get out and about

Many new [...]

A Bargain Hunter’s paradise – Groupon

Groupon is the name of the game Ladies and Gentlemen. Have you heard of it? It’s a very clever initiative. The idea is buy buying a single product en mass together within 24 hours we manage to locate an incredibly discounted price and therefore WE the consumer benefit.

I was contacted a while back [...]

Brilliant ideas for using your photos

There’s nothing quite as exhausting as returning from a holiday is there? The packing prior to leaving, the journey, the getting home and the sad realisation that it’s all over, the unpacking, the washing, the ironing, the cleaning (how did the house get so dusty with no one in it?) not to mention the [...]

Stunning inspiration for your home interior design

The worst thing about moving into a house that needs a lot of TLC is having to live in the 1970′s decorated rooms until you have the time and money to do them as you see fit. The best thing about moving into a house that needs a complete makeover is the research! [...]