WIN a Sage multi cooker

sage multi cooker

I have been trying out my Sage Multi cooker now for about a month and I LOVE it. I already loved my slow cooker and you can find tons of recipes on this blog including some of our favourites here

Beef slow cooker recipes

Hungarian Goulash

Beef in Guinness

Cowboy Stew

Lamb shank [...]

Beef in Guinness slow cooker recipe

beef in guinness slow cooker recipe

Want some beef that melts in your mouth, that has a dark brown and super flavoured sauce with it? That comes with it’s own vegetables and all you need to do is make some mash? Then Beef in Guinness slow cooker recipe is what you’re looking for.

If you’re worried about the children [...]

Beef and onion braise – WeightWatchers recipe 7 Propoints

beef and onion braise

I promise my next task will be to improve my food photography and place the food rather than ‘dish it up’

Having shown the photo of my Beef and Onion braise on the Week that was I thought I’d share the recipe with you as it’s a WeightWatchers recipe book from [...]

Winter pot roast – slow cooker recipes beef

slow cooker pot roast beef

Brisket is one of the cheaper cuts of beef and therefore can be hard and stringy if not cooked gently and that is why the slow cooker is the perfect method for all tougher joints as the low temperature and long cooking time breaks down the toughness of the meat so it will melt [...]

Lamb shanks with red wine and rosemary – slow cooker recipe

lamb shanks clow cooker ingredients

My lamb shanks with chorizo and garlic is one of the most popular recipes on here so I thought I’d have a second option just in case chorizo and garlic isn’t your thing. I decided on rosemary which always marries well with lamb and red wine. Cooked in the slow cooker it becomes a [...]

Meatballs in gravy – easy slow cooker recipe

Easy slow cooker meatballs recipe

Looking for a delicious recipe that is easy to prepare, nutritious, that everyone will like and cooks all by itself? I give you an easy slow cooker recipe for meatballs based on buying a tray of 20 beef meatballs found in most supermarkets amongst the 3 x £10 range.

I also wanted to try something [...]

Pot roast gammon with leeks, tomatoes and mustard seed – slow cooker recipe gammon

pot roast gammon, leek, tomato and mustard seed

I have got my slow cooker out again after what seems far too long and this time I had a gammon joint to cook I also had a bowlful of home grown tomatoes from the back garden and I wanted to mix the two so here’s my easy slow cooker recipe gammon

Pot [...]

Hot Chilli, tomato and basil flavoured roast chicken in a slow cooker

roast chicken slow cooker

I have only ever made casseroles and stews in my slow cooker, essentially ‘wet’ food until now, so flicking through my Lakeland Slow Cooking book I was tempted to try a roast chicken. They have a couple of enticing recipes and having half the ingredients of one and not quite half of another I [...]

Lamb Shanks with Chorizo and Garlic – slow cooker

I love the taste of lamb and until now I have only ever eaten lamb shanks in a restaurant or pre-cooked from the supermarket until I received my Lakeland slow cooker along with their fabulous book of 50 recipes.

Wow! I thought to myself, you can cook lamb shanks in a slow cooker!

The Lakeland book does Mexican Slow Roasted Lamb Shanks which sound delicious but then in March Good Housekeeping did a piece on Lorraine Pascal and she presented a recipe of Braised Lamb Shanks with Chorizo and Garlic so I thought – How about combining them and see what I come up with?

Lamb shanks are quite expensive (I paid £4.50 odd per shank) and of course being on the bone you have to be sure you’re going to get enough meat, so I have allowed one shank each and I’ve topped up my dish with lamb chops that were on special offer ;) The leftovers will make another meal for us, here’s what I did Continue reading Lamb Shanks with Chorizo and Garlic – slow cooker

Creamy Rice Pudding with cinnamon sugar

Creamy rice pudding

I’ve really put my slow cooker to the test these past couple of weeks and as Lakeland very kindly sent me their Slow Cooking book too I’ve been trying quite a few of the 50 recipes in it. Mexican Slow Roasted Lamb Shanks, Chilli and Brandy Beef with white beans and I really want [...]